Bets Apps like Uber [Updated & Working List]

Do you unhappy with “Uber”? Are you searching for car services app like Uber? If yes then, there are a lot of ride apps like Uber working over the globe.

Bets Apps like Uber

Which app comes in your mind when you want to travel? Without any doubt, it is “Uber”. No doubt this app get tremendous success. Nowadays it is mostly used and highly preferred app to move around.

Just like other fields; Uber also has its competitors. And other apps like Uber start work to provide you the best services. Because the meaning of mostly used Uber is not that it is best for you.


There are so many reasons for Uber not to be best for you. Some of you after having one ride will not travel on Uber. Because they don’t want to share their ride. Many people may have an opinion that as compare to services of Uber its charges are very high. The net result is that they don’t want it anymore.

Ride apps like Uber

Are you searching for taxi apps like Uber? And you are in trouble to find an alternative. Relax here I am with the apps like Uber which are best for your concern over the globe.

1). Lyft best taxi service for the US

Lyft is among the best competitors of the Uber. Due to its largest networks which is covering almost 65 cities of USA.

Listen, Lyft set its position by providing safety to its user which built the trust of the customer. Before you are going to get a ride you can check the whole detail about the driver to make sure your safety. You can also have a look at the defined route of your destination. By looking at the track you can make time assessment that how much it will take to reach it.

You may wonder! 

Guess what will be the reach time of Lyft to you after hiring? You will be shocked after listening to this. It takes only 6 seconds to its rider. Three services options Lyft, Lyft plus& Lyft Line are available. One of these is to travel alone and others are for sharing. If you took service of sharing ride then you will have to travel along with 6 people.

Now, its interface is very user-friendly and attractive. You can “use it on your iPhone& android”. But interestingly “Uber” is useful for IOS, ANDROID& Windows phone.

2). Easy Taxi Uber, known over the world

Easy Taxi is amazing. Really amazing. Easy Taxi got success over the world. It is providing excellent services. You can book the ride smoothly. Only by clicking on the main menu you can even check the required time to reach your home. There’s also facilitation for rent calculation before the ride.

Ohhh! I am out of my senses. You know why? It’s very great. Easy taxi is giving services almost in 30 countries and has 17 million riders. That is proof of its best services. Keeping in view this wonderful taxi service users you can guess its brilliant work. And this will guarantee your safety during your journey. That’s why it has a huge amount of riders.

3). Gett, Uber

Gett is commonly famous as “Get Taxi”. It is the best taxi service provider in the USA. But they start serving people in “London& Moscow” also.

Big Deal!

Very special and in favor of the user. As “Gett” competitors increasing the prices day by day but it is charging low and low. You might be wonder after listening to this: Gett has dropped the prices to 25%. They are launching promotional packages. This is due to bring the customer towards its side. By charging low prices Gett proves that t cares about the rider.

Do you know what the best part is?

Now, you can pay your charges via online method using cashless payment option of the Gett. Surprisingly you can book your ride in advance up to one week. This is all due to facilitate its traveler. These stunning features of Gett make it superior to others. Gett update regularly company’s strategies. Which is really creating trouble for Uber. You can use Gett on IOS& android also.

4). “Curb” Taxi Magic

“Taxi Magic” is the first name of Curb. Curb rearrange the brand by setting new premium packages for their users according to their demand.

Now it wonderful app providing advance booking services in airport areas. One important thing that attracts the riders more is that they can pay for the ride by using your debit card. But you can also pay cash to the driver.

But some people report a complaint that there is a time issue. Because Curb is not quick. User says that they are not able to look at their payments and booking at the stop. It requires a few minutes. Regardless of this problem it is still working and improving services for people day by day.

5). Summon

In the old days, summon was famous as “InstaCab”. Services provide by this stunning are mixed. Means you can ride alone or it can be shared.

Nowadays summon is working in the bay area and the purpose to flourish. Its interesting feature is that you can cancel the ride after 30 minutes of your booking. Summon has a suggestion box to solve your problem. An official number of the company is also available. You can reach the airport only in 30$, which is very normal fair.

Summon can be enjoyed on IOS& Android also.

6). Ola Uber-like app in India

Ola is mostly used Uber-like app in India. If you can share ride then Ola is best for you. It is spreading its business over the globe. As amazing car service has been launched in Australia also. And this will be available for infamous cities of Australia which include “Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Gold Coast”. The fair system of Ola is same as Uber. Surprisingly it offers discounts when it starts in new cities. There is also the first ride deal for users.

7). DiDi Uber in China

DiDi is an Uber-like car service trending in China. It has been launched in “Melbourne” also.


DiDi has almost 1.5 million drivers to serve the people. You will be shocked after listening that it has about 300 million users in China. It is the largest service ever given by any company.

Whaooooo! DiDi has very low rents as compared to Uber. It charges only 30 cents per minute only which is far less than its competitor in total. It will provide you about 10% low rate service than Uber.

Big deal for you! If you refer anyone to have ridden on DiDi then you will be given relief of 20$.

8). Texify

If you want to have a great experience for the online service of a ride. Then Texify is best for your concern. Basically, it found in Estonia but now providing service in many other countries. If you try it for the first time then it will be cheaper for you. But rates are almost the same to Uber.

9). HOP

Are you a driver by profession? Do you want to derive for a company like Uber? If yes, then HOP is best for you.


Do you have car deriving skill but you don’t have a car? If yes, then join HOP. Even you don’t have any need for your car. Hope will provide a car. And it will not take high commission from drivers as Uber do.

Hurra! Listen Hope also cares about their Riders. As fairs are 40% cheaper than other competitors. All cars are of a new model.  Drivers have a license and are also professionally trained.


Question 1: How much amount require for a business like Uber?

Answer: About $25,000- $ 40,000 are required for this heavy business.

Question 2: List of very big competitors of Uber?

Answer: These are:

  • Lyft
  • Hop
  • Curb
  • Ola
  • And many more.

Question 3: Which ride service is cheaper?

Answer: List of cheap service is given below:

  • Gett
  • Taxify

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Final Word

Finally, I want to conclude that in recent time there was a restriction even to have talked with an unknown person. But in the modern era, you are travel with the person who doesn’t know you. The world has been changed now. This was all about apps like Uber. If you have any problem in finding car service in your country comment in the section below. I will help you as I can.

Enjoy your ride. BYE!