Best Battery Saver Apps [Updated]

Are you in trouble due to short battery timing of your smartphone? Relax; there are many ways to increase battery time. But if these tricks do not work for you then best  battery savers for Android are also available. That will solve your problem.


Best Battery Saver Apps

Some apps may be running in the background on your smartphone even if you are not using it. These apps waste your mobile battery and affect its life as well. Therefore a battery saver is required to save your battery and increase its efficiency. Some battery saver for android is too good that they enhance your battery life timing also.

“Doze” The Battery Saver

Recently Google has developed a feature “Doze”. This will switch on the sleep mode of your android smartphone when you are using it. In this way, it will assure you that no app in the background in draining your android battery.

You may wonder:

You will be surprised after listening that any kind of maintenance like setting, enable, disable” is not required to run the Doz. It has a built-in system which active automatically.

When Doze is active only messages, phone calls are allowed to on the smartphone.

Bad News!

If you want to enable Doze on your phone then no other activity like charging of mobile can be done. Mean it will work only if your phone screen is switched off. And one other limitation is that during your movement (walking, running) it will stop working.

Why use a battery Saver if Doze is available?

There two main reasons for that:

  • Firstly Doze only works when your mobile is switched off even not on charging.
  • Then doze will not active if you are walking or running.

These are the main reason people don’t rely on Doze unless they use battery saver to save their smartphone. Because they can’t restrict their movement just for the working of Doze.

World Best Battery Saver for Android 2022

1). Greenify Best Battery Saver App for Android Download for free

Greenify is one of the best battery saving app over the globe to boost battery and Android performance. It is specially developed to save smartphone from applications that destroy your mobile battery. You just have to mark the apps that are creating trouble for you. The rest of the work will be done by Greenify.

Listen you have to select the apps manually to whom you want to stop operating in the background. For example, if you have google maps on your phone. But you are not using them they are still running and wasting battery. If you want to stop Google Maps you simply have to mark it with Greenify. It will stop the app at the spot.

Now to check how efficiently Greenify doesn’t spot the app like instant messenger, alarm clock and many more apps operating in the background.

Greenify is useful for both root & to unroot devices. But for those who have rooted, it is interesting to note that they can look black screen just like in hibernation mode. This is due to the limitations of Android. But experts advise you not Greenify every app. It is very smart and definitely automatically maintain battery & mobile performance.

Features of Greenify:

  • Competitive Doze
  • Lightweight sleep.
  • Automatic sleep
  • Get up timer

Big Deal!

It’s free to use Greenify. But if you want the advanced feature you will have to pay less than $1 only.

2). AccuBattery Best Battery Saver app for Android without ads

AccuBattery is among the most desired apps for battery saving. As compared with other savers its footmark is small in size.


  • Give an estimate about battery timing in advance with different possibilities like “while using, sleep mode”.
  • Check your battery consumption.
  • Determine the exact range of battery.
  • Give complete detail about battery consumed by all apps.
  • Useful for AMOLED items.
  • Many more….

Surprisingly AccuBattery will inform you about the efficiency of your charger. Mean how quick it is to charge your phone battery.


It is ads free app.

But to have latest version with more features it necessary to pay. You will have to pay less than $2 only.

3). Amplify Best battery saving app that actually work

Amplify is best for root devices. This amazing app will tell you about how many times your mobile phone switched off and on. Main thing that you have to do is that put all running apps in Amplify. It will close those apps which are causing trouble.

You know what the best part is? Amplify will provide you information about the battery usage share of all apps. And user have to decide which app to shut down. But one main thing that will good for you is that only utilize the recommended setup.

Amplify have both free and paid version.

4). Servicely World Best Battery Saver for android

Servicely is also for root devices battery saver. It has much similarity with Greenify. As this app is allowed mean rooted to its very easy for servicely to work.


Servicely is excellent to stop those apps which opens automatically. It will shut up unnecessary apps working even if you are not using the phone.

Negative point:

  • You yourself has to choose which app is creating problem.
  • After that you can put them into servicely to close.
  • Once you pick the apps, these will be closed before your lock screen.


Bad news for you is that there are ads in the app. You can stop these ads but you have to pay for that.

5). Avast Battery Saver

You might be thinking that “Avast” is antivirus. You are right. But Avast has launched battery saver app also. Just like many other apps Avast battery saver give the shut call to all unwanted apps.

The best part is:

Avast Battery Saver has clever profiles. You can adjust battery usage according to your daily routine work. Settings can also be rearranged.

Avast battery saver provide facilitation of both free and paid versions. In free version you will suffer ads problem. Off course this will not be in premium version.

6). Battery doctor best battery saver for android 2019

Battery Doctor is unique battery saver I have ever seen. It just not saves your battery but also improves the performance of your smartphone.


  • Quick battery monitor.
  • Power saver
  • Energy free profile
  • Automatic scheduling.
  • Available more than 28 languages.

By using this app you can trace app that are wasting your smartphone battery. Many functions like “brightness, Wi-Fi, blue truth” that drain battery without any reason can be switched off when you are not using your phone.


7). DU Battery Saver

DU Battery saver is one of the few battery saving apps that actually work. One feature that make it superior from others is that it will automatically recognize all apps that are harmful. And then it stop them to work.


  • Improve mode with heavy options to chill your phone.
  • Automatically close battery draining apps.
  • CPU distribution tuning.
  • Task destroyer.

DU Battery have wonderful interface that provide a lot of support to user. It will provide you information about battery usage of all apps. It is available for free.


FAQ’S ABOUT world Best Battery Saver

Question 1: Are these battery savers actually work?

Answer: Yes most of the battery savers does. They helps a lot users to stop the apps that are working in the background and drain battery. Even some savers improve the performance of your smartphone by cooling it.

Question 2: Is it fine to use battery saver?

Answer: I think when you have to use multiple functions while working on phone then battery saver will more use battery than other apps. Battery saver mode is best. But one thing you should know that saver mode is harmful for your battery.

Question 3: why is it necessary to use battery saver for android?

Answer: Because it will save your battery to that is wasted by unwanted apps working in the background.

Question 4: Is it not good to enable battery saver mode on iPhone?

Answer: If you want to enjoy the low power mode feature of the phone then you can use it. But when your iPhone is 80% recharged, battery saver mod automatically turn off.

Question 5: Is there effect of power saving mod on performance of Android?

Answer: Actually battery saver mode will not do anything with CPU. So it will no effect performance.

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Final Word

Last words about this topic are that sometime in emergency when you need your phone. But due to the low battery you have to face the problem. Even if you have not use the phone. So to avoid any trouble preventive measures are necessary. For that reason I have discussed best battery savers. Give them a try.

Stay blessed. Bye!