Best Compass Apps [Updated List]

Do have craze to travel? But due to unfamiliarity with new places you are unable to move. Relax; simple Compass app is the solution to your problem.

Best Compass Apps


The bottom line is:

In the Iron Age, people use e traditional compass to get the right direction. Can you remember how long before had you been used compass? I think you never use it. Because in this modern era GPS system and online maps change the whole story.

Compass guide you about t right direction. That is what direction you should move the place is new for you. If you are a climber or hiker then you definitely know about the importance of the Compass. While moving towards an unknown place in the jungle compass is like life survivor for you.

There no need to purchase the compass. Now it’s very easy for you to have a compass with you. This very simple. You can download many apps that are available on the Google Play store. But from the list of this huge variety, it’s very difficult to select the best one. Because many of the apps do not actually work. They may create trouble for you during your trip with your friends. Therefore I am providing you a list of best compass app for Android.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of a compass app and a traditional compass.


  • Compass apps are easily available.
  • Mean don’t have any need to go outside of your home. But can’t get a traditional compass at home.
  • Compass apps are almost free. But the traditional compass required money to buy.
  • Have multiple functions like GPS.


  • Compass apps drain your phone battery.
  • Traditional compass is easy to use with maps.
  • The accuracy of traditional apps is less than compass apps.
  • Traditional compass doesn’t have extra features like GPS.

8 Best free Compass Apps for Android

1). Altimeter GPS Pro

Altimeter GPS Pro is the best free compass for android. It has every feature in it what you are needed. It has a navigation mode. Additionally, more features are “distance, travel, traveling time, speed rate”. This will tell you all about this.


One unique feature of Altimeter GPS Pro is that it has a wide range of maps in addition with maps. It will also inform your altitude. Surprisingly it will tell you about your GPS accuracy. Now this compass app will save your travel details like “speed, distance, time, location and directions”. And you can see this data whenever you want.

Plus points:

  • High level of accuracy
  • Heavy features
  • Free

Negative points:

  • If you are new then it will be difficult to understand the procedure.


2). Digital field compass

Digital field compass is one of the moderate apps. But it is very powerful and accurate to give you the best results. Some of the compass apps have extra features that are not even necessary. But digital field compass is very simple and easy to use.

Plus points:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • More accurate as compared to others.
  • Don’t use more battery.
  • Having night mode is useful for power saving.
  • Have free access.

Negative points:

  • Other than compass have no more features.
  • It’s necessary to feed navigations before to use.


3). 3D compass plus

3D Compass Plus is one of the best compass apps that I have ever used.


By using this amazing compass app you can look the complete view of the world on your smartphone. By assessing your phone camera it will show you each and everything like the map to which you have to follow, address and your vehicle speed also.

One main edge of this app is that the thing to which you want to look clearly, just move your phone camera towards that thing. Surprisingly you can make a video and share with your close circle people for fun. It can be a great tool for a climber.

One other feature that makes it superior from other compass apps is that it will also teach you about navigation. If you are a beginner then no other app can be best for you.

Plus points:

  • Augmentation (mean to have a clear image of the universe on your smartphone).
  • Great app to get knowledge about navigation.
  • It is available for free.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is not like a traditional compass that guides you only about direction.

Negative points:

  • The interface is not so attractive.


4). “Gyro compass” Best Compass App for iPhone

Gyro compass is best for iPhone users. This amazing app due to having user attractive interface is very popular among people. It utilizes a magnetic sensor to show your direction. Due to this magnetic field, it shows you al reading very precisely. One main specialty that makes it superior from others is having slope indicator. You can also move it just like a real compass. This app is very special for those who are crazy about superior navigation.

Bad news!

It is not as advanced as you are required. It has no more features for navigation.

Plus points:

  • Similar to traditional compass.
  • Amazing tool for those who never experienced navigation.
  • It is available.

Negative points:

  • Having no advanced features.
  • For operating initial know how about campus is required.


5). Smart compass

Smart compass is more trending android compass app due to its unique features.


  • It has special Telescope to show things in a more magnified way.
  • Night mode.
  • Digital maps.
  • Google maps.
  • There also a heavy edge of satellite maps on this amazing app.
  • There is a standard mode option. By using that option you can take a look at the factual view of the direction.
  • GPS speedometer.

Ohhhh No!

This amazing app is not available for iPhone.

Further, if you don’t want ad play during your use you have to pay for that.

6). Digital Compass

Digital compass is a special gift for iPhone users with additional features. This app will provide a lot of ease without any third party application.


  • There are 10 separate compass choices.
  • Maps are available.
  • You can also see your whole way of the direction that has been selected for a destination.
  • Have maps of many bugs cites in the world.

Bad news!

If you are an android user then there’s bad news for you. You cannot use this app. Because this is not available for Android.

7). Compass 360 Pro best Compass App for Samsung Galaxy

Compass 360 Pro is very simple compass app. There are many compasses available on the app store many of them have not to ease function. But there’s a need for the addition of some extra features to compete the world.

It is one of those apps that actually work for you. As some other compasses are available that works on the hemisphere. But this is not the case for compass 360 Pro because it will work everywhere even at high altitude. There are many formats in it which make it use simple. It will also teach you about maps if you are a beginner. But also sound for those having navigation knowledge.

Plus points:

  • Simple and easy to use as a traditional compass app.
  • Helpful in learning about maps.
  • It’s free of cost.

Negative points:

  • Have no advance feature like other compass apps.
  • Ads will play during use, which causes trouble for you.
  • Drain a lot the battery of your smartphone.


8). “Compass Steel 3D” Best Feng Shui Compass App for Android

Compass Steel 3D is very smart best digital field compass app.

Plus points:

  • Have 3D movement. You can realize that it is an app or a traditional compass.
  • It contains magnetic as well as north true sensors.

Negative points:

  • Knowledge about navigation is required. If you are beginner then this app not fit for you.
  • iPhone users can’t use


Question 1: Is it possible to use a compass without magnetometer?

Answer: No, without magnetometer you are unable to use your compass. It is only one metal detector in an Android smartphone. But it is not necessary that all android devices must have a magnetometer. You also can get help by GPS “google maps”.

Question 2: Is it possible to use a compass app on Samsung Galaxy J7?

Answer: No, because in J7 there’s no compass sensor. Therefore none of the compass apps will operate. As compass sensor is necessary for an android compass app to work.

Question 3: Is it possible to run compass just by downloading a magnetic sensor?

Answer: Yes, if there’s magnetometer in the hardware of your Android device then it is possible.

Question 4: Which is the best vastu compass app for android?

Answer: Compass Galaxy is best vastu compass app for Android.

Question 5: Is there any best compass app for android without the magnetic sensor?

Answer: NO, because it is impossible to run compass on android without a magnetic sensor on android. Because of it in only one sensor available to run the compass app on an Android device.

Question 6: Which is the best compass app for iPhone?

Answer: “Gyro compass” is the best compass app for iPhone that I have ever used. Keeping in view its features.

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Final Word

Finally, I would like to say definitely it’s very difficult to move to some unknown place. So the compass app makes it easy for you. I have suggested some of the best compass apps actually work. Give it a try. I hope you will get better result. But after using it if you face any problem comment in the section below. This will be a great owner for me to listen from you.

Enjoy your journey. Bye!