5 Best Games like Pokémon Go 2019- Play without Internet

Are you a die hard fan of pokemon Go? But due to its shut down, you are in trouble. Because you are facing problem being unable to find a Pokemon alternative. You have no need to worry here I am. Keeping in view you craze towards pokemon Go today I have decided to provide you a complete list of the game like pokemon Go.

Games like Pokémon Go

Top 5 Best Games like Pokémon Go

1). Walking dead

Walking dead is at no#1 when we are going to discussing the best alternatives of Pokemon Go. As many of you may know that walking dead is a TV serial. And due to having a big audience of that serial “game” is also at peak.

Now have a look at the story of the game that how to play? You have to fight with the hikers just as pokemon did in the pokemon Go. If anyone wants to play in the form of the team then amazing features also ready to serve. To make an easy play for your team it is possible to leave a sign for them after killing the walker so that they can trace you easily.

Moreover, if you like to gather many items then it is also possible to do this.

2). Ingress

Ingress can be considered more clearly the first game that follows the pattern of pokemon Go. One similar attribute of these two “Ingress & Pokemon Go” is that both were launched by Niantic. You can understand the worth of Ingress by knowing that it had won the prize also in a Japanese functions.


The game focused on the strange energy and no one knows its source. Researchers consider that there are only two ways about energy. First one is that you have to dominate the energy otherwise it will destroy you. “The Enlightened and The Resistance” are two characters in the game. One has to utilize energy and others consume it in the same proportion.

Just like pokemon Go, you have to search for the energy sources. You can also have the friendship with other fellows. As you know to catch the pokemon is the main task in the pokemon go so for that pokevision app is best for you to locate pokemon without going outside so to know more about pokevision you have to read Pokevision App download free latest version-for android & iOS.

3). Jurassic world

Jurassic World is trending AR game like pokemon Go. Mobile edition of the game is cool in which you have to gather dinosaurs. One thing that makes the gameplay more interesting is that a player can make hybrids dinosaurs by using the DNA of grand dinosaurs. Once you prepare your dinosaur’s army then you can destroy an opponent by playing the match with them. Winning of a match will help to grab a reward.


You have to go outside to search dinosaurs. Map facilitation also available. The player can go anywhere with the help of navigation. If anyone wants to play it for free then he can. But the premium version has extra features which gives you a great experience. On my recommendation give it a try to assure, you are going to have great fun.

4). Zombies, Run!

As the name of the game make it clear that you have to run in the game. Maybe this game is not an alternative to AR games. But it is going to help a lot for those gamers who don’t have an interest in running.

The Game consists of four main missions. If you continue to play regularly then you are going to unlock one mission every week. When a player moves from free to the paid version of the game he/she gets 300 unlocked missions. By looking at its rating on the Apple App Store anyone can estimate its popularity.

5). Mobbles

Mobbles is one of the games exactly like Pokemon Go. One different feature of this game is that it has a much large varieties of animals. In this game, a player has to collect 250 MObbles.

A player can take part in the fight or exchange with companion friends by using those mobbles that you have collected. You have to continuously inspect your nearby area so that mobbles that are in your surroundings can be found easily.

But bad news for you is that there is no navigation system that guides you while wondering on the roads. Means you are unable to catch them by sitting at your home. You have to go outside to locate them. Moreover, you have to look after these mobbles like your pet. You can also read about Pokemon Go APK app- download free for Android & iOS.

FAQ’S about AR games like Pokémon Go

Question: What are some GPS games like pokemon Go?

Answer: List of GPS like pokemon Games is given below:

  • io.
  • Ingress.
  • Aliens on the Table.
  • Dragon Mania Legends.

Question: What is the meaning of AR gaming?

Answer: Augmented reality gaming is actually the combination of game optical and audio data with the gamer surroundings. These games are specially developed to play on Android smartphones and tablets.

Question: Is pokemon Go still available?

Answer: Pokemon Go is trending worldwide. Niantic officials celebrate the recent launching of the app which charm gamers all around the globe.

Question: Who is the owner of the Niantic?

Answer: The firm was initiated by John Hanke in 2010 with the collaboration of Google. The name of the firm was taken from the ship name which came to San Francisco.

Question: Which company develops the Pokemon Go?

Answer: It was developed by Niantic by later on Google involved. Now profit is being distributed among Pokemon owner and apple/Android also.

Question: What was the basic theme of Pokemon Go?

Answer: While playing the game a gamer has to collect the pokemon which are used to enhance the CP of the player. It is also possible to boost the power of your player by playing with your competitors.

Question: What is the procedure to fix GPS on pokemon Go?

Answer: If you want to fix the GPS in Pokemon Go you have to follow the below-given steps:

  • In the very first step open settings of your smartphone.
  • Now go to “about phone” option.
  • From this option deactivate the locations.
  • Then move back to settings option and search for “privacy and safety” option.
  • Find “location” menu.
  • Now restart your android smartphone.
  • Switch on the airplane mode.
  • Adjust the network settings.
  • Finally, update your Pokemon Go applications.

Question: Is it necessary to have WIFI for playing pokemon Go?

Answer: Yeah, of course, it is compulsory to have WIFI to play this game. But there are ways to save your data.

Question: Is this true that pokemon Go drain a lot of mobile battery?

Answer: Yes. Pokemon Go waste your android battery. But there is mode “battery saver” by activating this you can save your battery.

Question: How to save the Android battery while playing Pokemon Go?

Answer: Steps to save battery are:

  • Switch off the game effects.
  • Decrease mobile.
  • Shut down the app when you are moving.
  • Power off the blue truth.

Question: What is pokemon Go plus?

Answer: Pokemon Go Plus is special for iPhone and Android users. They can connect this game with their smartphones for play. All the activity which you have done on your PC while playing the game can be practiced on the smartphone.

Question: Is it safe to play Pokémon Go?

Answer: To make it safe I think you have to add avast antivirus extension in your web browser. If there is any danger it will warn you to download that file.

Question:  How to improve the Pokémon Go for Android and iOS?

Answer: There is two way to update the Pokémon Go app.

  • Firstly, you can tick on the updating notification that will appear on your phone while playing the game.
  • Secondly, visit the app store, then go to my apps, and further look for app update option there.

Question: Is it possible to change the team in Pokémon Go?

Answer: Yeah, but this feature will be introduced by the officials in the near future. As it is told by the developers there will be an option “change team”.

Question: How many coins a gamer can gain in Pokémon Go?

Answer: Pokémon contributes 1 coin per minute. It is only possible to get the coin when Pokémon throughout the gym. The maximum number of coins that can be collected in a day is only 50.

Question: Is it possible to install Pokemon Go on a tablet?

Answer:  Yeah it can be installed on the tablet. But the game is more suitable for those android 4.4 which have 2GB RAM.

Question: How to switch off the AR in Pokemon Go?

Answer: For this follow the procedure given below:

  • Click on the main page of your app.
  • Go to settings.
  • Disable the AR+ from there.

Final Word

Finally, there are several alternatives to Pokemon Go but I tried to present the best one in front of you. Give try to at least one of them. I assure you are going to enjoy it. Further, if you face any problem while downloading or playing the games like Pokemon Go then comment in the suggestion. I will be right there for your help. As this will be an owner for me to listen from you.

Enjoy your gameplay. Bye!

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