Best JibJab Alternative [Top Rated]

Are you Sad? Do you want to make EVENTS special?  Would you like to have enjoyment by making funny pictures of your friends? Your answer will definitely be yes, then JibJab is best for your concern.

Best JibJab Alternative

You might be thinking:

How Apps like JibJab makes your events memorable? As it gives permission to you to make attractive E-cards for your family and friends. Surprisingly, you can celebrate online any of your events either it may be birthday, wedding anniversary & Merry Christmas and many more. Online cards facilitate you to do this. Ohh Yes! You can make this online card of your choice. This wonderful app also allows for making a GIF for your friends. In fact, this will not be wrong to say that in making memories beautiful and amazing JibJab Apps play very important.

Are you free? Are you feeling bored? If yes then don’t worry here I am with a solution. You can add your and friends pictures from your gallery to funny GIF on any special occasion. Later on, it is possible to share these GIF through email, MMS and any of the social media link.

Now, Sites like JibJab that are necessary for your enjoyment given below:

Best JibJab Alternative

1: Facejjang APK cracked free Android & PC

Among the list of alternatives of JibJab face gang is one of the best. Simply by uploading your friend’s pictures and videos you can make fun. You just have to select your favorite frame.

How to use?

  1. Firstly, choose the face frame you want to apply.
  2. Then adjust the outline of the face. Means its length& width and place of lips.
  3. Now, apply different filters. For example hairs, eye lens, face beauty.
  4. There are many more frames that you select on your choice.
  5. Then wait for a file to proceed.
  6. Finally, your picture is ready.

You might be thinking!

How to download YOUR JibJab Video? Simple procedure to download& install is given below:

  1. Firstly, Install a screen recorder.
  2. Secondly, choose a screen recorder
  3. Then select recording way
  4. Now record JibJab video.

Enjoy your JibJab video.

This is crazy! The amazing app gives you the best results in just a few minutes.

2: Video Merger Best JibJab Alternative:

Look, video merger is exceptional. This is a very interesting app that allows you to mash-up your memorable videos. It has many filters which you can use. Also known as “video masher” worldwide.

Here’s the surprise, it is compatible with both smartphones& IOS.

3: Crazy motion Apk Dance for enjoyment

Hurraa! Make your friends “Dancing Stars”.  Crazy Motion has a lot of dancing videos. If you want to make a friend’s funny dance video. Just insert your video in the filters of this amazing app. Due to its innovative features, this app is famous over the globe.

4:  Animate Me Download& Install for Android

Do you want animated dancing videos of your friends? If yes, then Animate Me is ready for you to do this job. This android app makes that proverb true “that nothing is impossible in this word”. Use this wonderful app for more enjoyment.

5: Amazing, Funny dance APP for Android APK:

Funny Dance is a stunning app. You just have to put your photos in this app. It will prepare a video for you to preferring your choices. This app was introduced by Vietnam. Enjoy Funny dance for funny photos also.

6: Video Star for Extra Effects Download & Install for IOS:

Do you want extra background effects for your video? Yes, then use VIDEO Star to get the desired results. This app works in a very efficient way for those who want to show their videos to his friends.

American Greetings best for E-cards

Are you searching for an app to make E-cards for your friend’s birthday?  If yes.

Stop searching! Because I have something special for you. American Greetings APK app will be a great deal for you to make E-cards. Surprisingly, there are a lot of categories like Birthday, Marriage Anniversary and many more for making E-cards.

Here’s the Big Deal!

You can make these E-cards for celebration for free.

7:  Blue mountain best for holiday E-cards

Now, you might be searching for some site like JibJab from where you can make Holiday E-cards. Blue Mountain is best for your concern. You can make Ecards with background music. A very unique feature of this app is background music play. You can also add voiceover to your E-card. And the availability of a calendar in Blue Mountain is dashing. With the help of this, you can easily remember events that are more important.

8: Santa 3D special for Christmas

Dance with Santa is lovely. It’s a very special gift for those who want to wish their friends Christmas. This will make a video of dancing Santa for you on charismas. You can make a new photo from your phone and a picture from the phone gallery can easily be taken.

9: Voice Swap Download& Install FREE for IOS


Do you want to tease your friend by changing the voice? Yes, then Voice Swap is best for you to have fun. By using this wonderful app you can change your voice, and adjust it as the voice of another person. A unique feature of this APP is that it is only available for IOS users. With the help of this surprising app, you can record a short voice clip and convert them to your voice very easily.

Ohhh No! The bad news is that if you are an android user then this App is not for you. But you don’t worry there are many JibJab Alternative free apps for android.

10: VineSmash Best Alternative of JibJab

If you love to dub the videos then no other could be best than VineSmash. You can dubmash funny videos for your enjoyment. And by sharing those videos you can also increase the enjoyment of your friends.

It’ great! Because you can download it for free. VineSmash is useful for both IOS& Android devices.

11: ROLR Best for Acting

Are you a dye hard fan of an actor? Do you want to copy his movie dialogue? If yes, then you will love ROLR. You can act dialogues of favorite movies and actors with your friend. It has a wide range of collection of movies, actor’s dialogues. Content is regularly updated. Amazing thing is that it is available for both IOS& Android users.

Reverse Movie FX Magician APP Free for PC

Do you want to be a Magician? You might be wondering due to my question. But it is possible. Reverse Fox is best for those who want to become a magician. As my name of the app, it is clear that reverse videos can be made. It is a very interesting idea to make videos like that.

12: Christmas movie card

Christmas movie card has very unique features. With the help of this amazing app, you can change your friends, brothers etc. Into dancing Santa. Therefore it has worldwide acceptance. Download these apps from UC Browser APK.

13: LOL movie, nonstop laughter

Are you sad? Ohh! That’s not good. You should smile. For that purpose, I have something special for you. LOL Movie is a very funny app. It will change your face shape. Which force you yo laugh.

FAQ’S about site like JibJab for free

Question 1: Is this possible to get JibJab free?

Answer: YES, you can get it for free.

Question 2: How much to pay for membership of JibJab?

Answer: It costs only about $2.99 per month.

Question 3: Is paid JibJab have extra Features?

Answer: Yes, almost 1200+ more E-cards are available on a premium version. You can also share your videos also due to the paid version.

Final Word

Finally, I would like to say in this vast and busy world no one has time to share sorrows. Keeping in view this I am sharing these JibJab apps for you so that you can also enjoy at your home. Because this is the best solution for you if you are alone at home or office. If you have further question regarding JibJab apps comment in the suggestion box.

Enjoy yourself!