6 Best Password Managers for free 2019

As an internet user, you have to put passwords on various sites. It’s very hard to manage all those passwords. To solve this problem I am going to share the best password managers.

Best Password Managers

Why USE A Password Manager

In your everyday life while using different websites you set passwords to secure your data from hackers. But sometimes due to fear of forgetting the password you put a very common one. That is very easy for any third person to steal your information.

On the other hand, if you set a strong password which has upper case, lower case, and numeric digits also. This will be strong enough that restricts any other person to access it. But it will become very difficult for you to remember that password. This is the main point what I want to understand you. The Password manager will serve as remembering unit.

It will work as a security guard. You just have to set the general password in the manager and necessary credentials also. No one can use your account until unless he/she will have a general password as well as all credentials that you have put in the manager.

So keeping in view the importance and need of the password manager I am going to share a list of best password managers that actually works.

Top 6 & Best Password Managers 2019 for Android & iOS


LastPass password manager among the trending password managers all over the world. You just have to put the master password and it will allow you to save all of your web browser passwords. To make your data more secure you can remove all information from your computer. So that you can only access it through LastPass manager.

  • First and foremost preference is to facilitate users.
  • Provides you 1GB cloud storage to save your important credentials.
  • Surprisingly, there are no ads during the operation. It makes more comfortable for the user.
  • More advanced options of verification.
  • Prices are gone high as they are gaining the interest of the people.
  • There are no more providing the facilitation of shared.

Features of LastPass

  • Only one master password required to manage your all-important passwords.
  • Two-factor verification.
  • Look after your credit details.
  • Auto-filling option during your shopping to make it more joy full.
  • Can handle many identities at a time.
  • Stock your information through hidden codes in cloud servers.
  • Interestingly, it is compatible with both Android and PC windows also.
  • Easy and simple in use.
  • Update on the regular.

Here’s the big deal!

You can assess this manager for free without paying a single penny.


DASHLANE password manager is mostly used tool nowadays. Having a built-in VPN is one of its unique features. The User interface of the software is very attractive.

  • Coincides all of your necessary devices windows, android, and iOS.
  • Provide almost all the features that are important for your security.
  • VPN to hide your IP which will make your system safer.
  • Also, inspect restricted websites.
  • Facilitates you by saving your online shopping bills.
  • High-cost of the premium version. With the passage of time prices are going high to the sky.
  • It is not suitable for you if you already hold a VPN.
  • Unable to select the VPN server state.
  • Not more favorable for internet explorer.


KEEPER is the best password manager enterprise. The main purpose of the developers is to provide an operating system that will protect your whole secrets automatically. One unique feature that makes it superior from others is that KEEPER is compatible for all web sources. Officials update the latest version recently with more stunning features.

  • Useful for almost all web browsers.
  • Two-factor verification.
  • Also, have cloud services to save important files.
  • Never remove your old password. It will always provide you complete details since when you are using it.
  • Automatically put your information to log-in into a new site. Means you have no need to waste your time.
  • Provide limited facility of automatic form filling option.
  • Not update the new passwords.


In my personal opinion, LogMeOnce password manager is unique among all of its arrivals. But extra feature even those are not compulsory. Hence activation of those will make it more expensive.  You can also read about Top 7 Private SMS & Call Hide message Apps Best for Android & iPhone to protect your Privacy.

  • Heavy features, most of them are unique from others.
  • Latest and attractive interface.
  • Coincide your all devices like Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android also.
  • Additional features make it expensive.
  • Extra features may irritate new users.

Sticky Password

Sticky manager has a shortage of modern features. But in spite of this, it is smart enough to manage your system passwords.

  • It will make possible to connect all of your devices.
  • Multiple time verification can also be applied.
  • Only mark the weak password.
  • You cannot get passwords through a network.
  • There is no password secret sharing system.

FAQ’S About Best Password Manager

Question 1: Which password manager is simple in use?

Answer: List of password managers that are very simple in use is given below:

  • KEEPR.
  • 1Passowrd.

Question 2: Which is the free best password manager?

Answer: The best free password managers are:

  • TrueKey.
  • LogMeOnnce.
  • RoboForm.

Question 3: Name the best password managers for MAC?

Answer: These are:

  • Keeper.
  • Final Thoughts.
  • Honorable Mention.

Question 4: What is a password manager?

Answer: It is a tool that secures your passwords by storing them into a vault. Any third person will not be able to access your passwords until unless he will know your master log-in password and whole information which you have put in the manager.

Question 5: Is it safe to use an online Password manager?

Answer: A password manager has security measures to protect your passwords. But it can be subjected to more security threat.

Question 6: Is there a hacked password manager?

Answer: As manager saves all of your important passwords in a vault. And this vault is only possible to log-in when anyone has your master password. But ZDNet was announced that a password manager “OneLogin” was hacked which caused trouble for the user.

Question 7: Is the password manager “Safari” secure in use?

Answer: In my opinion, it is not. If someone gets access to your PC through some tricks then it will be easier for that person to see your passwords. You can avoid this by restricting Safari not to save your new passwords.

Question 8: Which password manager is safer in use?

Answer: LASTPASS is safer in use than other managers.

Question 9: Which password manager app is best for iPhone?

Answer: List of best password managers for the iPhone is:

  • 1Pssword.
  • Enpass.

Question 10: Does the iPhone has its own password manager?

Answer: Yeah, iPhone also has its own built-in password manager.

Question 11: Which password manager app is best for android?

Answer: These are:

  • KEEPR.

Question 12: Is there any password manager for PC?

Answer: Some of the password manager apps that actually works for PC are:

  • Sticky Password.
  • LastPss.


Finally, this was all about password managers. If you have privacy issue then you can use one of these managers’ apps. I assure you will have a pleasant experience. Moreover, if you face any problem while handling the manager comment in the section box. I will be right there for your help. Stay tuned.


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