Are you a game lover?? If yes, then it’s impossible that you don’t know about PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). PUBG is very famous online shooter game. You also want to play it on your PC. But you are facing difficulty while installation. Don’t worry, here I am with solution. Android Emulators are at best in making your dream real to play this fascinating game on your PC.


Surprisingly this game has Thousands of people are dye hard fans. As the initial version of game was for mobile. But due to huge interest of fans, PC version of PUBG has been introduced. Look, there was several consequences while playing this game on your android. For example that was unwanted actions like firing from your weapon may be wrong due to wrong adjustment of player due to small screen of your mobile. Second major flaw was this use your mobile battery in rude way. So that’s why it’s batter to play it on PC.


Bluestacks Best Emulator Download & Install free for PC

Ohh, Bluestacks is one of the most favorite android emulator. In spite of having different complaints Bluestacks continue to give its best. Its development of interface is easy to make the user trouble-free. Once it is installed on your PC, you can download many other apps and games on your PC for free. Bluestacks is adjustable with almost all types of apps and games. Moreover it is best for PUBG. Have easy access. You can download it from Google Play Store for free.

Tencent Best PUBG Emulator For Low-end PC

This emulator was officially developed for PUBG. Position of mouse and keyboard can easily be changed keeping in view your hardware. It has many layouts, which can be chosen according to your choice. You can adjust controls as per of your wish. Listen, the main thing that make superior Tencent from others is that you can play PUBG even on your LOW END PC. But with high-end PC you will get the better result.

NOX Player Free Download For IOS Devise

Nox player is highly ranked emulator. Look, how this emulator is best than other’s? It is fit for PUBG and you can also download apps& games other than Google Play Store. Keys and buttons for playing game can easily be adjusted according to you game plan. Multiple tasks can be operated at the same.

Interestingly, NOX player effectively use stock version of android which is special for gaming. Amazing thing is that it is easy to use and other than PUBG many other games ad apps can be downloaded. Now, the very charming feature of the Nox player is to have screenshot function and video recording also. The version that I will recommend for you to play PUBG is NOXPALYER 6.


Newly developed android emulator also excellent for PUBG.  MEMU is popular among users due to its heavy speed. You might be wonder after listening that it has preinstalled Google Play store. By using that paly store you can download& paly games and many android apps. Using Memu APK file can directly be assessed.

Amazing, you can open many apps and games at once. You can record video also with the help of MEMU.  Screenshot & auto updates and full screen mod are the key features of this emulator. This is excellent for all heavy games.

ANDY TOP Ranked Emulator Download & Install For MAC & PC

This is crazy: ANDY is very unique emulator. Do want to know, why is this so? Because it connects your smartphone to your PC. Means you can play your favorite game on your desktop. You may wonder even if you receive call on your snapchat account you will see it on the screen of your PC at home. Mean if you want to control your smartphone while sitting at your home, you can do this by using this wonderful emulator. Actually, it is the combination of sensors which make it possible to connect devices. Your notifications of any social app will receive on your desktop. One main thing about Andy is that it is excellent for both Windows & Mac.

Here’s the deal: you know what?  Andy is free of cost. You can download it from Google Play Store. You can use your phone as remote while playing the game. All of you social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp etc) can be operated on desktop. Now, you will not stuck in data limitation of you smartphone and PC. Personally recommend this very charming emulator.

LD Player For MAC & WINDOW

LD Player also best for PUBG game. It is compatible for both MAC & Window devices. Having attractive graphics is very great for this emulator. By using best emulator you can download apps from paly store without any limitation. It works very smoothly. You can use keyboard and mouse while playing the game. Multiple tasks can be done at the same time.

Amazing Apowersoft Android Recorder Download For Recording

Keeping in view the needs of the user Apowersoft developed Android recorder. It has the salient mirroring feature of recording the activity of smartphone to PC or MAC. Recorder can also synchronize your audio with screen shots without any disturbance. Now, you also can record video by using this emulator. Video of any format either it may be mp4, WMV or AVI can be played. Screen shot can be taken in just single click by Android recorder.

Download Nvidia Geforce Now For MAC

Nvidia is best emulator developed by big brand Geforce Now. Unique feature of Nividia that it provides facilitation on cloud basis means game will be played on Geforce server and your PC will work as monitor. All activities are done by server itself. The main benefit of this is ‘will reduce load on your MAC derive.  That’s why it is the one of most desired emulators in the internet world.

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Now, we are going to discuss some questions that may be in your mind after reading about the Best emulator for PUBG.

Question: IS it possible to paly PUBG game without graphics card??

Answer: Yes, definitely it is.  As the processor of your PC is Havier than your mobile so it is possible to paly PUBG game without using graphics card. Without graphics processing unit game can be played.

QUESTION: Is there any way to get PUBG game for without Bluestacks?

Answer: As the developer of the game is Tencent they have develop their own emulator, use it you will be more comfortable.

Question: Is it possible to Download& Install Tencent PUBG emulator on PC having 2GB RAM?

Answer: YES, you can. But Sorry, because basic requirement for that 3GB Ram. And if you install on 2GB then speed of the game will be too slow and graphics will be poor which destroys your enjoyment.

QUESTION: How to play PUBG without emulator?

Answer: It is possible to play without using any emulator. Just boot android on your PC.

Final Word

Finally, my opinion is that there are many emulators available in the market but Trancent is best for playing PUBG game because it is developed by the same owner. And also it was developed for the purpose of helping gamers. Moreover if you have any question regarding this comment in the bellow section.

Bye! Take care.

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