Best Sites like Couchtuner [Working List]

Is there any TV show or Season you don’t want to miss?  But due to your busy schedule sometimes you missed it. Ohh no that’s so bad. You are also in trouble due to issues in Couch Tuner one of your favorite site for movies& TV shows’.

Don’t worry!  In this modern era, every problem has a solution. So there are other websites like Couchtuner that are best for your concern.

Sites like Couchtuner

The bottom line is:

Couchtuner is one of the best apps that facilitates its users by providing them high-quality content free of cost. Content includes movies, TV shows& seasons. Sometimes due to a particular reason you are not able to go to the cinema to watch your favorite actor movie. And you get worried about that, Couchtuner one will provide you that new release movie.

Listen by using this app it’s also possible to watch live streaming of your favorite TV shows. But there are many question marks on the legality of Couchtuner. And you may face problem while streaming. That’s why I consider it necessary to share a list of best sites like Couchtuner to save you from any trouble.

10 Best free Sites like Couchtuner

1). “GoMovies” Best Couchtuner like a site for Android

Well, among the list of a website like Couchtuner “GoMovies” is at number 1. This will facilitate you by supplying the best movies of the era. It is among the highly ranked due to the user search. You can select a movie of your choice even after the on a day of release. It is the best proxy of Couchtuner.

You should know: Due to the copyright issues, there is continuous change in the domain of GoMoies. But this, not our concern. You are interested in High Quality and a lot of your favorite movies. All this will be available for you on this site.


         The main stunning features of GoMovies

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality content
  • No requirement for registration or login
  • Have in-built downloader.
  • Very interesting, Ads are blocked. There are no ads display during your movies that destroy your enjoyment.

How to Download& Install for Android:

  1. Firstly, go to the settings of your android device.
  2. Then turn on the “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Open your browser and click on the link given below for download.
  4. Now click on the downloaded file to install
  5. While opening you may suffer due to updating of an app.
  6. Once more we are sorry for the inconvenience” this option will be on your screen
  7. You just have to cancel

Your smartphone app is ready to use.

Now, you can also watch TV shows of your choice other than movies. The audience should use filters that are available for getting the desired results


2). “Cucirca” Free streaming site like Couchtuner

If you don’t want to miss any of your favorite TV show. Then Cucirca is the best site like Couchtuner for TV shows. It has a huge collection of famous TV shows. One main thing that makes it superior from others is that you have no need to sing-in mean any kind of registration is not required.


This site has both free and premium versions. If you want to enjoy extra features then you have to pay for that. But the free version also contains features that are enough for your entertainment. If you love any TV show. But this is not available on the website then you can request them for that show. A website will provide you as soon as possible. You can also read about a site like Wolowtube which is similar to Couchtuner

3). The Series Online

Do have craze of watch seasons?? If yes then The Series Online is best for you. The Series Online is a highly ranked site like Couchtuner. This is all because of its heavy features and HD content. As by name of the site it is clear that it will facilitate you in the field of TV serials.


You can have access to this website free of cost.

But if you want to be updated in advance then you can avail subscription of the website. Once you paid for it will provide you latest release of movie or TV show. You will be informed about the new release via notifications.

Now I would personally recommend this website if you have craze to watch seasons. This is only because of its data availability. You can also watch movies on this website as well.

4). The Dare TV

Are searching for a site for watching your favorite TV shows? If yes, then The Dare TV website like Couchtuner for TV shows is best for you. This platform will provide you an of your favorite TV reality shows. This amazing site will also provide you movies as well. It contains high-quality HD content.

Good news!

If you are allergic to sign-up and registration. Then Dare TV solve this problem also. Because there’s no requirement of any registration or login.

Great information for you is that amazing site free of cost available. There’s no restriction of any kind. But if you desire to watch more up-dated lists then you have to pay for that. As there is a categorization of content so you can choose of your choice.

5). TubiTV

TubiTV is one of the best free streaming websites like Couchtuner. It has a huge diversity of data. You can say this site the library of TV reality shows. Heavy edge of TubiTV is that it is free of cost. It has a video series of movies and old TV shows for your enjoyment.

Ohhh No!

But bad news for you is that registration is required to watch your favorite one. This may create trouble for you. Otherwise, you have need not to worry about this amazing site because it will very smoothly.

Now the main point is that a large number of famous TV shows like “Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and many more big names allow them free streaming. It is really surprising. Because you can access it free of cost on many of the platforms which are “Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, smart Samsung TVs and many more.

Surprisingly there are some apps related to a website that can work efficiently on both IOS and Android devices. Simply you have to attach your smart device with this site after sign-up. The main edge of this site is that you can continue to watch where you left before closing.  To watch TV shows& movies for free there are also sites like Showbox.

6). Watch stories

Do you love to watch animated movies? But you are unable to find the source from where to watch. If you are looking for a site for Animated as well as for Hollywood& Bollywood movies then nonother can best else Watch Series. It is one of the best alternative sites of Couchtuner. This site has enough capacity that you will never feel bored once you joined it. Because it has HD and the latest series to watch.


Worldwide famous TV shows “Modern Family, Agents of Shields” and many more are available to boost your entertainment. If you are crazy to know about history. Then Watch Series can be a great platform for you to learn. Because it has a huge collection of documentaries. One major thing that makes interesting this site is that the whole has been divided into categories. These categories are “Watch Movies, Watch Animated& My Shows”. You don’t have any need to find any latest movie because it will be available on the homepage of the website.

7). RainierLand Movies

One of the leading alternatives to Couchtuner. “RainienerLand Movies” allows you to watch movie series for free. This will give you a wonderful experience. After watching a movie via this amazing source you can’t leave without admiring it. Rainierland was a more voted site in 2018 for watching content online. Similar to other sites that are available it has a variety of HD quality content.

You might be wonder:

Because there are ‘no Ads’ while playing your video. One major thing that makes it superior from others is that any kind of registration is not required. On this site, there is a different format for movies& shows. Once you follow your favorite category than for the next time movies of your choice automatically will show to you.

8). See HD

See HD is a widely accepted source to watch online movies. TV shows& Movies of high quality in a huge number are available for you. This site gives vast exposure to information.

Big deal! For you is that See HD gives you high-speed streaming without any buffering. Unlimited movies& TV shows can be watched free. If you are feeling bored while watching a movie, you can switch to a TV reality show. Sites like Couchtuner for iPad is also available.

Sorry! You are not able to download the video due to the Built-in downloader. You are restricted to watch it online. But you can save your video to watch it later.

9). Download “Play-Box” for IOS& Android for Free:

This is crazy to share about this great app. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is very popular. Search manual of the app is very simple. The appearance of the app just looks like shoebox and MovieBox.  Having HD content is also a great job for this app.

Do you know what the best part is?

That is you can also download it for free. This will definitely allow you to stream HD movie& d shows. But due to its non-availability of Playbox on Google Play Store, you have to transfer it manually to your device. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is supported.

A drawback of PlayBox android version is that it does not fit for video download

10). MOVIE BOX for Android:

You may wonder! After listening that by its interface it looks like Showbox. Very amazing app for watching an online stream of movies& seasons and shows. As some other Boxes may have the restriction of using them into multiple devices. But Main Edge of this box is that is can be used for IOS & ANDROID and on PC as well. Its install method is very simple same as the APK method of installation. The search function of the BOX is very interesting.

Listen, but the drawback of Movie box is that content available is not as HD as in Showbox. But it can be changed according to your choice.

11). Café Movie

Café Movie is trending free site like Couchtuner. Due to having a user-friendly interface, it is highly recommended. A content arrangement of the site is wonderful. Like many other sites, it contains high-quality HD movies and TV shows.


If you love to watch classic movies and shows then café movie is really useful for you. You should give it a try. I am dead sure that you are going to enjoy it a lot. The content available in multiple languages you can adjust according to your region.


It is a free website to watch online streaming. Now it’s very easy for you to enjoy your favorite classic movies and TV shows.

FAQ’S About Free Streaming Sites like Couchtuner

Question 1: What happened to Couchtuner?

Answer:  Couchtuner was blocked. The main reason for Couchtuner to be blocked is a copyright issue.

Question 2: Is site like Couchtuner legal?

Answer: No, because many of the sites like Couchtuner don’t have a patent right. Mean they pirate material to show their users. And you very well know that pirated material can never be legal.

Question 3: Is there any site avail that is safe & legal?

Answer: Yes, for USA users Netflix is safe and legal also. It will provide you high-quality HD content according to your choice.

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Finally, this was all about free websites like Couchtuner for TV shows and Movies. You can use many of these on your PC& ANDROID for free. While searching if you have any problem share this with us for help. This will really be an owner for me to listen from you.

Enjoy your favorite movies& TV shows. Good Bye!