Best SMS Hide Apps [Top & Working List]

Are you in trouble due to the privacy of your secret conversations?  Do you want to hide them from all of your close circle people also? If yes then, Hide text messages apps are available to solve the problem.

BEST SMS Hide Apps

The bottom line is:

Now a day’s many people are worried about their privacy. Because they don’t want to show their private conversation to anyone. Many of you used social media apps like “messenger, WhatsApp, Viber” etc. While the conversation with your friends you may have chat about your bank account detail, information about an important secret event that is necessary to hide from others.

As Android has made a huge contribution in this regard but privacy problem still exists. With the help of android special feature, your smartphone screen is locked automatically. But this will also create trouble for you as it’s very furious to put password again and again to get access on your android. That’s why apps to hide text messages and calls for android are really needed. Keeping in view this stance I am sharing a list of hiding messages apps.

List of best SMS hide apps for Android and iPhone

There many apps available on the Google Play store. But some of them may harm your smartphone. Therefore I am providing a list of decoy app show and highly trusted SMS hide apps for android free download.

1).“Shady Contacts” Message Hide App For Android Lollipop

Shady Contact as by name shows that it is the best sms hide apps to hide text messages and call history. Its operating system is very simple. Firstly you have to put a PIN password of your choice. Then it will automatically take control of your all systems of a smartphone. And starts it work to hiding.


  • Provide you facilitation of PIN lock.
  • You can hide App even on your home screen.
  • Work very smoothly and sharply.

Plus points:

  • Once you closed the app it will close automatically.
  • Restore feature, mean you can recover your important deleted messages.

Negative points:

The interface is not so attractive. There’s a need for its improvement

2). Private Space SMS Hide app for Android Free Download

Private Space is a leading app on the Google Play store to hide your private chats. Similar to all other apps it will stop other people to see your secrets conversations. To install it you simply have to set a key. Then open it. This will starts working.


  • Hide all contacts in your smartphone.
  • Secure your chat messages.
  • You can hide app also.

Plus points:

  • Special track method of showing you incoming notifications.
  • Secure your private calls.
  • Any kind of PIN password is not required.

Negative points:

  • Not as efficient as you are searching for the best.

But due to having a special method there’s an edge that no one can easily trace your messages.

3). Block SMS And Call App to Hide text and calls on Android

Block SMS and Call is a wonderful app that offers you many wonderful features. You can block forever contacts which to you never want to contact.


  • There is “One-Handed Mode” which will allow you to keep your call secret from others.
  • It allows you to make a list of special contacts.
  • All messages and calls detail of special contacts will not show in the common list of your smartphone.
  • Hidden messages will receive in the protection area, where you only can see them by inserting a PIN code.

Plus point:

  • Prohibited area cell where all blacklist calls and a message will receive.
  • You can set default mode for all contacts.

Negative points:

  • Due to the strict security and operating rules you have to give access to Block SMS and Calls to your smartphone.

But you have no need to worry just relax it will protect as you are expecting without any risk.

4). “CoverMe” Hide Private Text& Call for iPhone

CoverMe is the best calculator app that hides text messages for iPhone. Having unique features is the main heavy edge of this stunning app.


  • Safe private phone call.
  • Encryption of all logs including chats and calls.
  • Shake your phone and hide the chat.
  • Special cell for private personals.

Do you know what the best part is?

Listen, it is that no PIN lock, no setting required to run the app. whenever you want to hide your secret conversation you just have to shake your phone. Magically your secrets chats will be hidden. For all this there will be a private box where all your personal secrets will hide.

Big deal!

If you are an iPhone user then this is a special gift for you. This app not only hides you secret conversations but also provide you another great facilitation. That is “whenever you will have to send a message a new phone number will be given to you. Your number will remain same but it will show different all the times.

If you are a CoverMe user then you have high-security protection. It is almost impossible for a hacker to hack your iPhone. Because it encrypted your smartphone on the regular basis.

Surprise for you is that is easily available of IOS App Store.


5). “Vault” App to Hide Text messages& Pictures

Vault is really wonderful. One main feature that makes it superior from other apps for hiding messages is that Vault will hide your pictures and videos as well. It is one of the best apps to hide text messages, pictures, and videos. And definitely, it will secure your messaging apps, call logs and photo gallery.

Look at the main edge of this app is that you can also make a list of private contacts. When any person among private contacts respond their notification will not show on the screen. But notification will go to protection channel.


  • It has a very harsh password security protocol that manages effectively to hide your chats.
  • You can also insert your own password to secure your private conversation.
  • Premium version allows you to add an unlimited app to hide beyond the eyes of people.

Plus points:

  • By using “Stealth Mode” you are able to hide Vault on the home screen.

Negative points:

  • May affect your smartphone screen system.
  • But you have no need to worry android phones having higher screen resolution will not suffer from this problem.

Shocking news!

This stylish app will automatically click the photo of that person which is trying to open your private conversations.

6). Private Message Box

Private Message Box is a unique app that hides the SMS, MMS& calls, as well as it provides you facilitation of chat with your friends.

It is one of the few apps that are private SMS hide app that is available for free. Once you make the list of contacts which you want to secure from others. After that whenever text message or call income it will directly go to a hidden cell.

Plus points:

  • Free text service.
  • Send infinite chat messages to your friends for free.
  • For fun having more than 300 emoji.
  • Application closer timer which closes application after some time.
  • Supported for almost all android devices.

Negative points:

  • Sometimes have crashes problem.


GO SMS Pro is trending all over the world. You will be shocked after listening that it has almost 100 users across the globe. It latest version is very eye-catching and user-friendly. Just like many other apps, it hides your secrets. There is also lock facilitation. Mean you can set PIN for the app to opening it. You can hide special contacts cell which you have to hide in the app.

  • “Hide SMS” Private SMS Hide App

Hide Sms is the most commonly used app. This wonderful app works very sharply as compared to other apps. It use is very simple. You just have to select the app that you are desired to hide. Rest of the task will be done by this stunning app.


  • Special safety area for all the private conversations
  • Infinite memory for saving chat.
  • You can also hide the app.

Positive points:

  • Wahoo! You can use it without any restriction for free.
  • Infinite available storage.
  • Work very effectively.
  • Easily available.

Bad News!

If you are an android user then sorry for that because this amazing app not supported for many androids smartphones.

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Frequently Ask Question About Best SMS Hide Apps

Question: Which one is the best message & video hide app?

Answer: In my personal opinion Vault is the best app to hide messages, calls, and videos.

Question: Is it possible to hide chat messages from a phone bill?

Answer: Yes, apps are available on iTunes Apple store to facilitate the user to hide chat from phone bill also. CoverMe is the best iPhone app to hide messages. And to save you from a record of a phone bill.

Final WOrd 

Finally, this was all about message hiding apps for Android & iPhone. CoverMe for iPhone is my favorite due to its stunning features. If you try any of the above give lists I am dead sure you will really enjoy it.  You can ask a further question by a comment in the section below.

Enjoy your privacy. Bye!