Best Survey Bypasser Tools for Android, PC & IOS

Are you an internet user??  want to download many favorite items which may be apps, games etc.? Before downloading you are facing a problem of filling the survey form or you have to answer some questions. And this is causing irritation for you. Then stop worrying.

Best Survey Bypasser Tools

Here’s the deal, best surveys bypass tools are the solution to your problem. By using survey bypass tools you have no need to fill any form and you will easily go through the things. Because these surveys will automatically be passed. This will also save your time which is the first priority of every user.

Best Survey Bypasser tools & removers software/extension

Look, the internet world is very vast. While searching such tools then there might be difficulty in finding the best tool. Keeping in view your problem I am going to tell you 10 best tools. These tools are more effective as compare to others. List of these tools is given below:

1: ShareCash Survey Killer

Sharecash is a very inspiring tool for surveys bypass. This tool is helpful for blocking those surveys whose basic purpose is to earn. Because these surveys have to earn objective so they have fix time to run on your screen causing great tension for you. Download it in free from the link given below.

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Steps that are required for Sharecash survey bypass:

  1. Firstly open Sharecash
  2. Secondly URL of a file that you want to download directly put into Sharecash.
  3. Now click on the download button.
  4. Congrats, Survey is blocked.

2: Survey bypass:

Survey bypass is one of the best bypass tools. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Website on which you are facing this issue, just copy the URL of that website and put into survey bypass tool. Your issue will be resolved and the things will run smoothly.

3: Survey Smasher

One of the most popular tools of the internet world. Survey Smasher encodes websites for the elimination of surveys. Its look is professional but user-friendly. By putting URL of a website that is causing a problem this tool will remove all surveys.

4:  Survey Remover Tool

Also a survey remover. It is very helpful. If you are using this there’s no need to fill surveys. Surveys will be blocked and you can do your work easily. Content can be locked by its special feature. To download the Survey remover crack version click the link given below.

5: survey Bypass:

Very attractive in look and also useful tool for survey bypass. As in other tools simply you just have to put the URL of a website that is creating trouble. Your task is done, the rest of the magic will be by this stunning

Best Bypasser for Browser For Best Survey Bypasser tools

1: Redirect Survey Bypass for Firefox

Redirect bypasser is the extension for Firefox, it is very useful and user-friendly. This extension stops your browser to redirect on unwanted websites that can be harmful to your computer. By blocking undesired pages it also protects you from any financial loss may be due to the hacking of your device. Now, if you are Firefox user then install an extension and enjoy.

2: XJZ cracked for Chrome

It was developed in 2009 for the purpose to reduce the effectiveness of fake surveys troubling you. It can block survey in just single click and supports about 350 sites for blocking. Therefore this tool has fame over the world. Its usage is very simple just add an extension to the google chrome.

Best Survey remover for IOS:

DIAMONDZ SURVEY REMOVER is best for the IOS device. Its new special edition is wonderful. Impressing the many IOS users due to its user-friendly facilities.  As there were bugs in the previous release but the programmer tried to remove all these for the safe hand of the user.

Survey Remover for ANDROID:

  • It’s very easy to block surveys on your smartphones.
  • Uc browser is enough for this and You Can download UC browser APK.
  • Just go to setting option in the UC browser.
  • Then go to add-ons option.
  • Now, search for ‘Ad block’ plugin.
  • Once you are active that plugin your issue of a survey will be resolved.

Now, I am going to share some methods to bypass surveys without using survey bypass tool.  As your time is very precious so it’s very important to discuss each and every technique so that you can avoid harm. Important tricks are given below:

1: Directly Rewrite the Web Page:

This method will be useful for restricting pop-ups on the same page. Developing tools like Google chrome and firefox are required for this method to be useful.

Procedure for this is very simple which is given below:

  1. In very first step click on the pop-up.
  2. Now, select ‘inspect’.
  3. In the next step, an HTML code shown.
  4. Just find the pop-up code and disable it.

You may be wondering how to find that code. Relax for that purpose you have to use webmaster. And the short key for the inspector is Ctrl+Shift+I for chrome and Firefox browser.

2: Removing URLs:

This method will useful for you if searching downloaded unseen links. You can use webmaster for help as told above. Further, you have to learn how to extract URLs.

3:  Damage JavaScript:

Listen, Most of pop-ups or surveys rely on JavaScript so by deactivating it you can block surveys.

You might be thinking that how to deactivate JavaScript?? A very simple procedure I am going to discuss with you.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Then go to the chrome setting page.
  3. Select ‘Don’t allow any site to run JavaScript ‘.
  4. When you will be back to your site page, feel excited as there’s no pop-ups or surveys on your page again.

The same procedure can be done for Firefox browser.

4: By Destroying Pop-ups:

Don’t want to install an extension or anything else, then no need to do this I have something special for. Wow, it’s very simple and easy for you. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Just click on the Page icon on the left side.
  2. Go to permission option.
  3. Select the option ‘Always Block for This Site’.

Now Surveys will be blocked and you can enjoy without any resistance.

5: By using Dummy Name:

If you are unable to do anything and having no other option. Means you are forced to fill the survey. Then there’s also a solution to your problem. You must fill the survey but by using a fake name and Gmail also. There is a number of fake name generator available that are free.

The FAQ about Best Survey Bypasser tools:

Now at this stage when you read all about the Survey Bypass tools which helps you a lot there may be any question in your mind please in the comments section. So here I am going to put a little session about these queries that may arise in your mind.

Question 1: Is it possible to Bypass Survey all the time?

Answer:  NO, as we know it is possible to bypass surveys with the help of tools that are given above. Sometimes you directly have to visit the survey page which is compulsory for you to download the file. That’s why it is not possible to bypass surveys all the time.

Question 2: Can FileIce & CleanFiles surveys be passed?

Answer: Yes, but you have to follow the procedure given below:

  1. After disabling all VPN software and your Downloader Manager (IDM)
  2. By using Hola extension set your location in the USA.
  3. Open Fileice link.
  4. Two options will be shown to you Regular & Premium download
  5. Select Regular Download
  6. List of surveys will be obtained.
  7. Open any survey whichever you want to answer.
  8. Create fake email, and give this in the survey.
  9. After verification of mail, your link will be open, hurrrraaa! You bypass the link.

Final Word

Finally, it cannot be denied that the internet made the world a global village. And the whole world has been modernized. Every person is so busy and having so many works to do. Time is a very precious unit for everyone. As a human everyone while using internet facing problem of these bullshit surveys. Keeping in view this stance I discuss all the ways by which you can artificially bypass these surveys and save your time. If you still have any problem regarding this comment in the section below. Enjoy your life.