Clash Of Magic APK S1, S2, S3 and S4 All Servers

Clash of clans magic is the other name of Clash of Magic. Clash of Magic is the private server of the game “Clash of Clans” which has four sub servers with a variety of functions such as S1, S2, S3, S4. Clash of Magic apk is the updated and modified version of Clash of Clans game in which you meet unlimited resources and battle play is also very tough with your opponent.

Clash Of Magic APK

You can also adjust the server according to your required mod. This server offers you lag-free gameplay as it is being hosted by a high-speed private network. You can either create a new clash or you can join any other clan and enjoy a friendly war between friends as well as between the opponents, by choosing your favorite heroes.

App for Clash of Magic is available for both the iOS and Android since from 2018 and till now supporting both operating systems with full access. Clash of Clans restricts you to play the game under some particular rules provide limited resources, whereas in Clash of Clans Magic you can get unlimited Gold, unlimited gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir through which you can build custom builder base as well as you desired Heroes too.

Clash of Magic

The server name is Clash of Magic,

NameClash of Magic
Size85 Mb
PriceFree of cost

Clash of Magic Servers Types

There are four types of clash of magic server

  • Clash of magic server 01
  • Clash of magic server 02
  • Clash of magic server 03
  • Clash of magic server 04

Clash of Magic Server 01: (Black Magic)

Also known as Black Magic, compare to server 02 it is less speedy, but highly modified that has unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir and Dark Elixir by this server.

Download Clash of magic Server 01

Clash of Magic Server 02: (Hall of Magic)

Also known as Hall of magic, highly modified than server 02, and have zero cost. Having more speed and you can easily build the custom building in a few seconds.

Download Clash of magic Server 02

Clash of Magic Server 03: (Power of Magic)

Also known as Power of the Magic. You can enjoy the game by generating the Gems. This server has less speed but can increase the speed of the server, and also less modified as compared to other servers.

Download Clash of magic Server 03

Clash of Magic Server 04: (Power of Magic 2)

Also known as Power of the Magic 2, Not have amazing speed as other servers have. This server is also free. Behave like the original one.

Download Clash of magic Server 04

Before downloading and installing the app look out some important features of Clash of Magic, then decide according to these features either you should have to install this app or not.

If You are facing any issue in downloading Please download first UC Browser APK

Important features of COM (Clash of Magic) for iOS and Android 2019:

  • Infinite Gold.
  • Unlimited Gems for all services without paying any single penny.
  • Unlimited Elixir with updated features,
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir too.
  • Unlimited troops with updated guns.
  • Unlimited Air Sweeper.
  • Lag-free, Tested and secure servers.
  • Goblin (PVE) maps also unlocked.
  • Custom improvements also available.
  • And a lot of new updated functions.
  • You can be used on your PC system.

I will prefer you to download the Clash of Magic app if you are keen to explore more things, as finding new treasures by you provides you more satisfaction. You only have to focus on your game plan without worrying about the resources as the resources are unlimited.

Even for this we also have enlisted builder based strategies as well as cheat codes for making improvements in your gameplay efficiency. Most importantly you can start Clash of Magic (after installing) from the previous progress (progress in the old game), without even deleting the older app. You can run both apps at the same time.

Guidance for Downloading the Clash of Magic

You can download/install the Clash of Magic APK for android in two ways.

Either through Clash of Magic launcher app.

Or through direct server file (directly from Google).

Both ways are quite different from each other, one is through direct server file where you only have to log in to the particular server and the other way is through CO Magic APK launcher, which allows you to select your required Clash of Magic server in which you likely to play your game.


Clash of Magic Launcher allows you to download you required Clash of the magic server directly, featuring all resources. It helps you to run your game quickly and allows you to play the game wasting very little time. Moreover, in the default server, all the resources are fixed according to the mentioned features while using this launches you can customize the resources according to your need or according to your desire.

Installation of Clash of Magic (Android Device)

it is quite simple to install a clash of the magic. You just need to follow the installation guide to confirm that everything works right as said.

Follow the given step to install clash of Magic:

  • Install your desired server app on your mobile phone device.
  • Move to your phone security setting to enable an unknown source, for the procedure of the installation process.
  • As a regular Android app, install the server app. In the case of the launcher, open the launcher and choose the server the launcher will mechanically install that mod in your phone device.
  • The process is complete, now you can open the app and enjoy the amazing game.

Installation of Clash of Magic APK: (PC System)

  • Firstly, you need to connect your PC system with a good internet connection.
  • Download the third party (Blue stack) from the official website.
  • Move to the Downloads option and install the software.
  • Here it asks some information, provides it.
  • After installing, make an account on Blue stack.
  • Here you can easily download anything from the Play store.
  • Search here for Clash of Magic, and download it in Blue stack.
  • Here it automatically installs.
  • Now, make your account on CO Magic.
  • The process is complete, Now you enable to enjoy the game.

Requirements to install Clash Magic (Hack Mod)

You need the following requirements in your Android device if you want to install this app:

  • You need a 4.0.4 or higher Android version.
  • Require free space above than 100MB.
  • RAM requires 1GB or more.
  • Must have a good internet connection.
  • Need a sense of building a great builder base.

Required Permissions

  • Access to media.
  • Access of location.
  • View of Wi-Fi connections status.
  • Permission required to access device ID and Call information.
  • Carefully read phone battery and another status with identity.

Specifications for Clash of Magic Server

There is no doubt that clash of clans magic APK servers hold the fastest servers to give you maximum benefits from the game. To check more about server details and specifications, watch out below.

  • Network 1000Mbps.
  • Have 1024 GB SSD RADIO.
  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4*8)
  • CPU 8 Core (4,2 GHz)
  • Full time available.
  • Enabled DDoS protection.
  • Hosted on four various servers.

Clash of Magic Update

Clash of magic APK update regularly, and comes with amazing and outclass features that you love to enjoy. Presently, all modification is based on the version of clash of magic 2019.


Clash of magic is one of the great clash of clans private server, by operating this server you have the right to play the game without modification and with modification, it’s totally up to you. No other servers provide such a facility. Clash of magic APK also provides unlimited and various resources like GOLD, ELIXIR, DARK ELIXIR. This app update regularly and have the amazing features which you love to enjoy.

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