Top & Best Evite Alternatives

Are you worried about sending a wedding invitation to your close friend? Because your friend lives so far away from you. That’s why it is not possible for you to go to his home for a marriage invitation.

Relax my dear I have something special for you. You can send an online invitation using “Evite”. Just like “Evite” there are many evite alternatives available that are best for you concern.


Evite Alternatives

The bottom line is:

In the modern era, the trend of invitation through manual cards goes on decreasing. There are several amazing online invitation apps that replace manual cards. Among those sites which provide you facilitation of online invitation “Evite” is best. If I say that evite is the trendsetter of online invitation this will not be wrong. Because it was developed in 1998. This was the time when people have no familiarity with the internet.

Now with the passage of time, many sites like evite have been evolved with extra features. You know this is necessary because as the time passes on user feel bore after continuously using one app. That’s why they look for some new apps. Therefore I am going to share a list of best evite alternatives.

Best Free Evite Alternatives

1). Punchbowl

Punchbowl is really amazing and best alternative of evite that I have ever seen. It is trending due to its unique features. If you have nothing in your mind related to the planning of party mean where what and how to do. You have no need to worry. This all will be guided to you by Punchbowl. One thing that you have to do is that simply answer the few questions asked by it. Once you answer the questions then all possible formats for an invitation will be shown to you. Then you have to select which one is best for your gathering.

Big deal!

If you don’t want to go outside of the home. Then don’t worry you can purchase party decorations and other goods that are necessary for the party. If you are hosting a party in which everyone has to bring something from their home. They can decide what to bring by simply registering on the site.

Interestingly you can communicate with your friends for party discussion as you interact on social media. If someone wants a comparison of Punchbowl vs evite. Then after using this, his answer will definitely be in favor of Punchbowl. Finally, I would recommend this if you are facing a problem with the arrangements for your special party.


2). Invititude

Are you searching for an alternative of evite which actually works on android? If yes, then your search going to end because “Invititude” is in the game. Invittitude can be operated on your android smartphone. Once you have sent an invitation to your friends, you can communicate them if there is any change in the venue.

You may be shocked!

If your guests don’t have familiarity with the venue place. You can guide them via map facilitation available on this site. It also allows you to share your party photos& videos.


Invititude is free. Other good news is there is no registration process required.


3). Circle-Up

If you are in search of an app that will assure you of the attendance of your friends at the party. Mean who is on the party floor and who is not. Then circle-up is best for you. But in the case of sending the invitation, it will not work effectively for you.

4). Crusher Evite for free

Do you want to tease your friends by tweaking invitation? If yes, then Crusher Evite is best for you. It is smart and user-friendly. Having a CSS editor is its main unique feature. While preparing your digital invitation it is possible to add photos, videos in your invitation card. If you want to enjoy by teasing your friends then jib jab alternatives also best for you.

5). Paperless Post

Paperless post evite is one of the best alternatives for free. A unique feature that makes it specials is eye-catching designs of invitation cards. You can select an invitation format of your choice. Surprisingly text for event invitation of your taste can be written.


You can send 500 invites for free with all these features that are given above. But sorry to say if you want to invites more than five hundred then you have to pay for that. Once you got the premium version then you can send an invitation to almost 15000 people.


A very smart and unique feature of paperless post evite is that you can send event photos. This facilitation is free of cost also. Shockingly if you are a citizen of USA then invitation cards can be printed and shipped on your address without any cost.


6). Anvyvite

Anvyvite is best evite alternative for business purpose. This is not like other sites for invitations. But you can make a proposal of digital invitation as well as SMS conversation for an invitation.


Anvyvite allows you to sell tickets for the show. So by selling tickets to invitees, you can earn money with the help of this platform. Anvyvite has a combination with twitter which makes it more interesting.

Listen it is also possible for you to allow your friends to invite their friends. Means you can invite friends of friends. Option for open invitation also available. But for this, you will have to inform management. Then will provide you a link, which you have to send to all for the invitation. In this way, this will make great fun and heavy enjoyment.

7). Enclude

Enclude is just like Evite which provide you facilitation of online invitation. But it is not impressive. Because it doesn’t have enough collection of e-cards designs as in Evite’s other alternatives. That’s why it is not desired.

8). Facebook

As you know many of the people to invite to the party are your friends. So Facebook can be a good source to send an online invitation. Very short time is required to create a post for an invitation. That’s why I will recommend this platform for an invitation.

Because almost every person is on Facebook nowadays. No one will have an excuse. It is simple and easy also than any of the digital invitation tools.

9). Blue mountain Best for holiday E-cards

Now, you might be searching for some site like evite from where you can make Holiday E-cards. Blue Mountain is best for your concern. You can make Ecards with background music. A very unique feature of this app is background music play. You can also add voiceover to your E-card. And the availability of calendar in Blue Mountain is dashing. With the help of this, you can easily remember events that are more important

10). Purple Trail

Purple-tail is one of the best replacement of Evite. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is trending nowadays. Heavy edge of this platform is that you have a lot of choices for designs. You can change the whole arrangement of the e-invitation.

Good news!

One extra feature due to which it dominates sites is “no ads” play during the preparation of invitation card.

11). Sendomatic

Sendomatic is the best digital Evite Alternatives. It has many formats of cards for different occasions. You can adjust them according to your choice. When you have sent all of your invitations then you can export their detail on Microsoft Excel. If there is any delay in a party you can use a reminder option to inform your friends.

Ohhh yes!                                                                                      

You can also sell your party tickets. I think sendomatic is also best evite alternative for business.

Sorry I have bad news for you. You have to pay for all these services to this site. But if you are going to organize a potluck party then you can communicate with your fellows to decide which person has to bring what.

12). Pingg

Pingg evite is a very interesting free Evite Alternatives. But nowadays Pingg is known by the name of “celebrations”. Decorations for many special events like wedding& birthday make it more wonderful. Emojies that are available on the site can be changed according to choice.

Now it is possible to send these invitations via any of the social networking sources like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. If you want to check the response of your guests after invitation. This can also be done by Pingg. All these options are available on the home page.

FAQ’S About Best Evite Alternatives

Question: Is it possible to send an invitation via text using Evite?

Answer: Yes, once you have sent your invitation. There will be a link on the host board. You can use this shareable link to send an invitation via text.

Question: Is there any option to print Evite E-card?

Answer: Yeah, definitely you can print your E-invitation cards. As there is a “print invitation” option available for you to print cards.

Question: How much to pay for Punchbowl?

Answer: There’s no need to pay for Punchbowl. Because it’s totally free.

Question: Is this possible to hide the guest list on Evite?

Answer: Yes.

But you might be thinking how to hide guest list?

Steps are given below:

  • Go to the ménage invitation option.
  • There will be an edit button on the upper left corner.
  • Now from here, you can simply hide your guest.

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Finally, I would like to say I modern world nothing is impossible. The Internet has taken your responsibilities. And a big example of this is in front of you which is Evite alternatives. Mean in a situation when your life is so busy and you have not the time to go manually for an invitation. You can use this platform to invite your close friends. This was all about best evite free alternatives. If you face any problem then comment in the suggestion box. I will be available for your help. In fact, this is really an owner for me.