Games like Corruption of Champions [That’s Actually Working]

Are you in trouble, while searching Games like Corruption of Champion? Because due to the erotic type it’s very hard to find games similar to Corruption of champion. Relax, I am going to share highly popular games like that.

Games like Corruption of Champions

Now, this is necessary to tell you a little bit about Corruption. It is an adult text and web browser based game. In this game, villagers select their “champion” to protect the village. A player fight against demons.


Listen, Main characters of the game are

  • Camp Recruits: This character can enlist players. It can sale& buy different items. These also can have sexual interactions and special scenes.
  • Persistent character: They are persistent with other players and affect them.
  • Encounters: a player may encounter different enemies.

Best Games like Corruption of Champions

Now, in this section, I will cover “Corruption of Champion Alternatives”. Many games have similarity due to having erotic content. List of these games are given below:

1). Carnal souls Download for PC

Do you love Corruption of champions? Then “Carnal souls” best alternative of this amazing game. It has an anti-tank weapon system and more of the sexual content just like Corruption of Champion. One-liner theme of the game is that you have to find special places. While searching for new places you may have a fight with your enemies. For survival, you should beat your opposition very cruelly.

Bottom line is, regardless of the sexy material there is also fighting between player and armed person. This will remember you the “withcher series”. It copy the almost all features of RPGs. There are a lot of ways to ruin the demons and to move forward.

2).  Kingdom of Loathing Game like Corruption of Champions

Are you searching a game without sexual text? And you also want that features of the game must be similar to Corruption of Champion excluding erotic text. If yes, then “Kingdom of Loathing” is best for your choice. This game is just like “stickman” due to its stunning features.

Kingdom of Loathing having more funny text rather than sexual content. The whole kingdom is full of enjoyment elements. It is very interesting in a way that a player has to fight with giants and steal the goods. You can trade, earn a skill, combine things& gain experience while playing the game.

How to play?

  • Firstly, at the start of the game, you just have to choose your gender.
  • Secondly, select the character of your choice from the list of six classes.

Surprise!! You can also make your team if you want. But you can also play it single-handedly.

3). Flexible Survival for IOS, ANDROID& PC

Flexible Survival a wonderful game is one the best alternative of Corruption of champion. A developer of the game was ‘NUKU Valente’. The main story behind the game is the adventures occurred in 2008.

Bottom line is that: game begins where a virus rash due to that world ends. The main task of the layer is that he has to keep himself safe, before the arrival of the army.  “Stunning graphics, fighting series” are main features of the game. The main edge of this is that it is useful for IOS, ANDROID&PC.

4). Trials in Tainted Space (TIT)

Surprisingly, Trials in Tainted space played mostly after the COC. The company that develops TIT game is the same as the corruption of champion. Just like COC game TIT also has sexy texture. This game is best as compared to King of Loathing. Because gives power to a player and also RPG text base.

TIT build stability among exotic & erotic text. In fact for players those having lust its best alternative of COC for them.

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5). Anchorhead for MAC& Linux

Do you like Horror fantasy? If yes, then Anchored is very suitable for you. While playing the game you will go in darkness. During your mission evil will create hurdles for you. This is due to stop the player from the mission.

Actually, “Anchorhead” is the name of the town. To puzzle the player game is divided into days. You just have to play in a very smart way to make the mission possible.

6). Free Cities

Free cities” is very interesting game. In this game, the player has to manage salves. He can sale & buy the slaves also. During game player also take training for management of slaves.

Ohhh! There’s no customization option in the game. Due to that reason gamer find real ways to fix. It is browser based game.

7).  The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore” is best than other alternatives of corruption of champions. This game is also RPG based. It works in three dimensions. But when a player has sex then there will be involvement of the second person. All other functions run very smoothly.

Listen, The Whore Poor is very close to the Corruption of champions due to having more sexual text similarity. A gamer can also customize the character. And in a turn player moves around the town in a very simple manner.

Good News! It is different from others. You can download it. Because it is not browser based. So you are not restricted to your internet connection to play the game.


Do you avoid game due to sexual text?? Do you want to play a game without this? If yes, then:

BE Ready! Because I have a solution of your problem. Cyper is one of the most trending games I have ever seen. The game was developed by “Cabrera Brothers. Having music and voice effects in the background of play is very amazing.

Well, you start the game by looking at the rules of the play. But there are few options for customization of the character. This game will turn you a great decision maker. Behind the seen story is told via displaying pictures. It has very user-friendly features. If you want to play the game without sexy text then personally I would suggest you “CYPER”.

9). Fallen of London

Look: similarity between COC and Fallen of London is that both are developed by “Fenox”. The theme of the game is very natural. The game begins when the player open the neighbored house. Demon try to attract the player but you save yourself.

Do you know what the game’s mission is? The mission of the game is that you have lost the Eden world and you have to get a way to find it. There may be heavy interactions in the game. Before you play the game you have to choose the characters of your choice. Customization can be done. It’s really interesting to play this.

Are you an IOS user?  If yes,

Here’s the big deal! Fallen of London was specially developed for IOS devices. So enjoy this on your iPhone.

10). Gift of Phallius

‘Gift of Phallius’ is fabulous. It has many amazing features. A game is divided into many stages. Hawww! Even you will see the portion of sex with the guard. A player in this game us “Princess Dalia” living palace.

Hurraaa! Download the game on your PC. There’s no need for the browser. Enjoy it on your PC at home.

Final Word

Finally, I want to conclude that this was all about Games like corruption of champions.

Personally, I would suggest you play “Trails in Tainted Space”. Because it is very unique and has very amazing features. Play this I will wait for your response. If you face any problem while playing comment below. Your problem will be solved very soon to give you relief.

Enjoy yourself!