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Mineshafter is actually a free replacement of main Minecraft online servers. If free version of Minecraft is out of date but you want to play more than Mineshafter is the best alternative for using online servers. If you want Minecraft without payment then Mineshafter will work effectively.

What is Mineshafter?



Surprisingly it is still running for some of the users. The interesting feature is that you are not only getting Minecraft to play but there are also hundreds of Minecraft skin available for you.

How to free download Mineshafter

  1. In the very first step open the browser and go to apspa.com.
  2. After that make a new Gmail account.
  3. After that go back to Mineshafter website that you have open previously.
  4. Now click log-in option on the upper right corner.
  5. Sing-in with your Gmail account username and password.
  6. Then just after Log-in go to settings option.
  7. If you are connected to Gmail then your username will automatically be registered.
  8. Now open minecraft.net in the new tab.
  9. Now register yourself on this page.
  10. From Minecraft.net you will get a username and password.
  11. Move back to minecraft.apsa.com that we have opened in the very first step.
  12. Now there will be a “change” option just in front of “connected username” on the upper left side.
  13. Click the “change” option.
  14. Now you will see two options “username and password”.
  15. You have to put the username and password that you get from minecraft.net.
  16. After that just go to downloads option on the top of the page.
  17. When you will open downloads. There will be three options in front of you.
  18. Download “Mineshafter client Proxy” only the very first one in those options.
  19. Finally, you will get Mineshafter downloaded file in your PC folder.


Before you are going to launch Mineshafter you must have to download Java”. Because it will play an important role in the download process of Mineshafter. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Java.

How to install Mineshafter for Android

It is very easy. Once you downloaded Mineshafter simply goes to download folder of your PC and search for Mineshafter in the search bar. After finding the file click on it. You will see its user name and password is already saved. Click on the “Play” option. You can also edit your profile as there is an option available for this on the left bottom of the page.

Big Deal!

You can download it on your PC Windows, iOS, and Android also. There are multiple languages available you can adjust them according to your area.

How to change skin in Mineshafter

Mineshafter skin is actually addition which can be used in the game to change your character in Mineshafter. And you know very well that it is the free version of Minecraft. It facilitates you to nominate yourself on other characters of the game while playing. One thing you should be clear about is that 1.7.5 or lower version will not allow you to change your skin while playing the game.

Procedure to change the skin of Mineshafter is:

  1. Firstly log-in to Mineshafter launcher.
  2. Then go to “setting” option on the upper side of the launcher.
  3. Now you have to choose skin name under the option “pick a username”.
  4. Put URL of skin below the option “Skin URL”.
  5. After putting information don’t forget to
  6. Now again open your launcher by putting your Username and password.
  7. Hurra! After login, you will notice that Mineshafter skin has been changed. Remember that two characters “Steve and Alex” has different features. As most of the skins suitable for Steve because of its smart pixel. So if you select Steve then it will work efficiently for you.

FAQ’S About Mineshafter Free Download

Question 1: Is it possible to join Minecraft Realms servers if someone using Mineshafter?

Answer: Sorry to say you can’t join Minecraft Realms servers. Because only paid accounts are allowed to join realms.

Question 2: Are Minecraft servers declining?

Answer: I have not listened to any news about the death of Minecraft servers. But there are several changes in the server’s community noted by the experts. Ethen said that most of the young players are attracted towards minigame style servers.

Question 3: How to save a large number of Mineshaft in Minecraft?

Answer: I was banned due to acquiring a player and he was the pat of the owner.

Question 4: What is the meaning of Minecraft server?

Answer: Minecraft server is a gaming server. Minecraft is a trending game nowadays all over the world. The main feature that makes it more interesting is that you can play it alone or by gathering your team. If you want to play the game in a combination of the team then a server is to be needed. You have to rent it out. Minecraft server is specially launched for gaming websites.

Question 5: Is it beneficial to run a Minecraft server?

Answer:  Yeah, you can earn money by the management of the Minecraft server. There are many examples available of those people who have run the server and earn a lot.

Question 6: How much a gamer has to pay for Minecraft server?

Answer: It is based on the GB memory. Probably it ranges from $4 to $12 for one GB of memory. Good news for you is that 1GB RAM will be able to support 5-20 players.


Finally, I would like to say that if you are searching free alternative of Minecraft online servers then Mineshafter is best for you. It’s smart and easy use make it more popular among the gaming community. Give it a try to assure you are going to enjoy it. Further, if you face any problem during your play comment in the suggestion box. I will be right there for your help. And this will be an owner for me to listen from you. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your game. Good luck!