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Samsung smartphones are the most desired Android devices due to their salient features. But the major enjoyment of using Samsung smartphone is the availability of Samsung ROMs.

Odin download

What is the Odin download?

Odin is a tool to flash the firmware. The Odin software took the responsibility to manage the flashing of a custom ROM. You can also use it for rooting of other Samsung smartphones. Initially, it was used by Samsung officials to flash the custom ROMs but with the passage of time, some unknown sources release publically.

Odin software to shine Samsung ROMs. It facilitates us in rooting our Samsung smartphone. And we feel confident in the presence of these tools while dealing with CR-Root kernels or during custom recovery.

Because we know that it is possible to recover the stock version. All this is due to the Odin tool that build our confidence and make the work easier.

Now if you are a Samsung user then it must be in your knowledge that Samsung smartphones are quite different from other Android devices. These are different in terms of “unlocking bootloaders and combinations”. So Odin tool can be used to root Samsung devices and for re-installation stock ROM.

Keeping in view your need here I am going to discuss the link of for Odin Free download.

Features of Odin download

  • Flush stock firmware
  • Flush custom firmware
  • Flush recovery files
  • Flush kernels.
  • Flush Root package.
  • Odin download free download for Samsung
  • Odin is not supported by Google Play store, therefore you have to download it from the third party website.

Download links are:

How to use Odin for Samsung devices

Here I am going to discuss some points with you. You have to be clear these point in your mind before the installation of software. These points are:

  • To avoid any trouble verify that your smartphone battery is fully charged and it is also on the charging mode.
  • To get settings you have to enable the debugging mode of your smartphone.
  • Most important and last point you should remember is that always take a backup of your smartphone. Because if there is any problem during the process then you can avoid all this and your data may not be harmed.

How to install Odin software

  • In the very first step download the exact required model of “firmware”.
  • Now for installation of firmware open the extract file.
  • Put forward your device to download mode. And enter the Odin mode with the help of given keys.
  • Then install Odin in your PC.
  • Now connect your android device to PC.
  • After connecting of PC with your Android device. You will be informed via notification.
  • Finally, you have to follow the instructions given on the software page and carry on.

Odin Download xda for MAC

As MAC user you might be thinking that “Is Odin available for MAC? Then for the answer, you have to wait for a while. There is always a tight competition between Windows& MAC. If you are a Windows user you very well know that there are many apps to use but a few are given from MAC officials as compared to Windows. That’s why some people are working hard to make it possible for equal applications.

In the beginning, Odin was only available for Samsung. It was officially developed by Samsung Company. But later on, keeping in view the trend and demand of the users “Adam Outler” developed the MAC version of Odin. And this MAC version of Odin is called “JOdin3”.

JOdin3 operate in a quite similar manner as of Odin3. Odin3 is a windows based software. There is no difference in the functionalities of Odin3 and JOdin3. Due to this reason, it is easier to use for those customers who already had used Odin3. Basic functions like “Stock Firmware, Flash Custom Recovery, and Flash Root package” can be done with the help of this MAC version.

Be careful!

To save yourself from any trouble following the instructions given below:

  • To avoid any trouble verify that your smartphone is fully charged and it is also on the charging mode. Because your smartphone battery may be dead during the process and you face the problem.
  • Try to install a brand new version of Java on your MAC.
  • Download& install Heimdall.
  • One thing about which you have been more careful is that check personally that whether all Samsung keys and drivers installed in your MAC or not. If these are not installed then install them.
  • Most important and last point you should remember is that always take a backup of your smartphone. Because if there is any problem during the process then you can avoid all this and your data may not be harmed.


How to use JOdin3 MAC version?

There are wider options for you for using JOdin3.

  • You can use its offline or online version. Both are easily available.
  • Now we are moving towards a point about the usage of the tool. Open the JOdin3.
  • There will be many options but you have to search for “PDA”.
  • Tick on the “PDA”.
  • Then look at .tar.md5 file. Mean to whom you want to flash on your Samsung phone.
  • In the very next step turn your smartphone to Odin mode. For this, you have to switch off the device. But before that, you have to check your % battery charge of the smartphone. Make sure that charging socket is on. Then slow down the volume, home button, and other keys also.
  • After this, there will be an option on your phone asking for permission for download mode.
  • To allow the download volume up key is to be pressed.
  • Run away all options other than auto root boot.
  • Once you have done with the flashing you are free to switch on a smartphone and proceed further.
  • If you are looking Odin for Windows then there is no official software available but you can follow the above-given procedure to flash your device.


FAQ’S about Odin Download free for Samsung Devices

Question 1: Is it possible to install custom ROM using Odin?

Answer: You can only flash custom ROMS using Odin when ROM is already packed in a favorable format like “.tar or .tar.md5”.

Question 2: What is the function of Download mode?

Answer: Download mode is an unusual state of Android devices that are particularly used when ROM is being flashed. Samsung for the first time introduced it. But nowadays it is common in every smartphone.

Question 3: What is the main function of Odin?

Answer: It is mainly used to transfer data to the flash store which is inside the device. This is done by using Odin mode on the android device.

Question 4: Is it possible to flash zip file by using Odin?

Answer: zip files are indeed flashable. But Odin’s .tar is completely a different format. It is possible to convert kernel but the tool will not work for the whole ROM.


Finally, this was all about Odin download. A wonderful tool to flash your android as well as MAC OS. If you want to flash any of the function give it a try. I assure you that you are going to enjoy it. Further, if you face any problem while using it comment in the suggestion box. I will be there for your help.


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