Pokemon Go APK Download Free For Latest Version

Do you have craze to play Pokemon Go? Do you want to play it on your android smartphone? Due to which you are searching for the Android version of Pokemon Go. Then I have a surprise for you. And that is “Niantic” official developers of Pokémon are going to launch the mobile Pokémon Go. Which make it possible for you to play the fantastic on your android device. So Pokémon APK app is ready for your enjoyment.

Pokemon go apk

Pokemon Go

Pokemon APK app is basically for those gamers who want to play this game their smartphones. Due to the high demand of the gamers for Pokémon Go android version the officials develop APK app.  The developers of the take advantage of the idea of Ingress. It was their first version for Android. By inspiring from the popularity of this app APK they have decided to launch Pokemon Go app.

Features of Pokemon Go APK APP

  • Assault fight

Pokemon Go make it possible for you to take part in the battle. Game level 25 and upper can fight against high-level pokemon. These fights are at different levels and gamer use combat power. If you win this battle you have a chance to get Pokémon and many other items. Initially, it was only possible to play this fighting stage in gyms but now you can also play it while playing in the sunlight also.

  • Exchanging

Sometimes old and young gamers want to exchange Pokémon but in the beginning it was difficult. Nowadays it is very easy and simple to replace Pokémon. You just have to open the APK app and select the “trade” option. It will allow you to deal with Pokémon. To get the monster Pokémon is worthy.

  • Play with friends

Sometimes while playing you feel alone. To enjoy sitting at your home Pokémon go can be the best source to interact with your friends. You can also have a conversation with your friends during your gameplay.

  • Regular updates

Developers of the game add the new generations which make it more interesting. They have added 3 generations till now. Due to more advanced features, people are more attracted to these games.

  • Remarkable events

In the days of these social events, people have to go outside of their homes and snatch monsters. Pokemon that gamer grab on this day is rare. After these events, people hunt squirts by using sunglasses. I think so the renewal of the Squirtle is enough to make it more interesting.

  • Teamwork

In the beginning, there was only fighting training at the gym but now you can also involve the team. When you are running the gym a team then you can leave Pokémon there to save it from outside attack. Pokemon of 6 types can be left there for the safety and they will use their combat power until they got success in knocking out monsters. If you don’t want to spend real money then you can also get pokecoins.

  • Search instant

If you are thinking to boost the Pokémon Go without adding sidequest. Then search instant of the game makes it possible for you. This survey research categorized into eight portions. You can also set travel with professor Willow to invent Mew.

How to download Pokemon APK App free on android

Pokemon Go is finally, has been released in India. Now it is very easy for you to play it in your country without using any proxy. Niantic has officially released Android version of Pokemon Go in “USA, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand”. If you are not from these countries don’t worry APK app is also available for other countries also.

If you want to download Android APK app just follow the below-given steps:

  1. Open the Pokemon APK .
  2. Click The Download Now Button.
  3. Click on the download button to get the APK file.
  4. One thing you have to do before its installation is that: open the settings of your smartphone.
  5. Now enable the option “app from unknown sources”.
  6. Finally, click on the APK file for installation.
  7. This may take several minutes. So don’t close the application.

FAQ’S About Pokemon Go APK app

Question: Is it safe to play Pokémon Go?

Answer: To make it safe I think you have to add avast antivirus extension in your web browser. If there is any danger it will warn you to download that file.

Question:  How to improve the Pokémon Go for Android and iOS?

Answer: There is two way to update the Pokémon Go app.

Firstly, you can tick on the updating notification that will appear on your phone while playing the game. Secondly, visit the app store, then go to my apps, and further look for app update option there.

Question: Is it possible to change the team in Pokémon Go?

Answer: Yeah, but this feature will be introduced by the officials in the near future. As it is told by the developers there will be an option “change team”.

Question: How many coins a gamer can gain in Pokémon Go?

Answer: Pokémon contribute 1 coin per minute. It is only possible to get the coin when Pokémon throughout the gym. The maximum number of coins that can be collected in a day is only 50.

Question: Is it possible to install Pokemon Go on a tablet?

Answer:  Yeah it can be installed on the tablet. But the game is more suitable for those android 4.4 which have 2GB RAM.

Question: How to switch off the AR in Pokemon Go?

Answer: For this follow the procedure given below:

  • Click on the main page of your app.
  • Go to settings.
  • Disable the AR+ from there.

Final Word

Finally, this was all about the Pokemon app. An android application. Give it a try. I assure you that you are going to enjoy it. Moreover, while downloading and installing the APK app if you face any problem comment in the section below. I will be there for your help. And this will be an owner for me to listen from you.

Enjoy your favorite game! Bye.

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