Top & Best Putlocker Alternatives

Do you love to watch movies? If yes, then it is impossible that you are not familiar with Putlocker. You may be trouble due to shut down of Putlocker. Keeping in my mind I have decided to share a list of free Putlocker alternatives.


best Putlocker Alternatives

Whats IS PutLocker

Putlocker is highly desired movie platform nowadays. The website made the separate categories of movies which make easy for you to search your favorite movies without wasting your time. As this website site has a piracy issue. Mean copyright issue is there in the content available on the site. That’s why the website shut down by the concerning authority by using their legal rights.

But you know we live in the era of technology. Everything has its replacement. Due to the close down of Putlocker, there are many platforms which are working for you guys. Even some of them tried to provide services similar to Putlocker. And these also have the same name. But I am providing you the best alternatives of Putlocker that actually works.

Top Putlocker Alternatives for free 2022

1). Solar Movies

If you are searching best alternative of Putlocker 2019 version then other than Solar Movies can be useful for you. Solar Movies has a wide collection of Hollywood movies, TV reality shows and seasons to entertain you. One main feature is filtering facilitation. Mean you can search your favorite by applying filters which may be country, actors wise. In just single click you are able to know brief information of the movie. All this will be available to you for free.

Good News!

Believe me, it’s really amazing. If you want to record video. Then it has a special video recorder just for you. With the help of this recorder, you can not only record video but the editing of video can also be done.

If you are a multimedia user then it has something special for you. A wonderful tool “video master” is ready to serve you. If you want to download movies. Moreover, if you want to convert video format it can be done with the help of this tool. So in that way you are free to enjoy the movie of your choice on TV, Android smartphone and iPhones also.

Ohhhhh Nooo!

While watching your favorite movie you will have to suffer from ads play

2). Niter

Niter is one of the trending alternatives of Putlocker. If you look at its interface it is quite similar to Netflix. One thing that makes it interesting than others is that it has combination features of almost all big sites. Niter is very user-friendly. The latest release of movies shows on the home page at the top. In the search bar, you just have to put the name of your favorite movie. The rest of the work done by it.

But one thing that you have to keep in your mind clear is that most of the time it is quite difficult to search it on google. So to avoid this you must access it through the official website. Because there are many sites come in the market with Putlocker new name 2018 which will create trouble for you. I would personally recommend this site if you feel bored with Putlocker.


There is no ad play during an online stream. And you can also access it for free without paying a single penny.

3). Popcornflix

Do have an interest in history? If yes then Popcornflix is going to be excellent for you. It has a huge diversity of HD quality movies, documentaries, and TV programs. And the good thing is that Popcornflix has closely worked with Screen Media. Screen Media is one of the largest film libraries.

Now Popcorflix make is very easy for you to watch online movies for free. A unique feature of this wonderful site is that there is a separate portion for new arrivals. You can search for any movie by name. And streaming on the website runs very smoothly without any outbreak.

4). All 123Movies

All 123Movies got its name from old and very famous movie streaming platform 123movies. But they have no relation with each other. All 123Movies has a heavy collection of movies. A unique feature of this site is that you can save the movie of your choice. So that you may able to watch it later.


There is also an option for reviews of many users. This will saves you time. Because you can check how good a movie is? Once you watch a movie next time it will show you other movies that are matching with your choice.

5). “GoMovies” Best Putlocker like a site for Android

Well, among the list of a website like Putlocker “GoMovies” is at number 1. This will facilitate you by supplying the best movies of the era. It is among the highly ranked due to the user search. You can select a movie of your choice even after the on a day of release. It is the best proxy of Putlocker.

You should know:

Due to the copyright issues, there is continuous change in the domain of GoMoies. But this, not our concern. You are interested in High Quality and a lot of your favorite movies. All this will be available for you on this site.


         The main stunning features of GoMovies

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality content
  • No requirement for registration or login
  • Have in-built downloader.
  • Very interesting, Ads are blocked. There are no ads display during your movies that destroy your enjoyment.

How to Download& Install for Android:

  1. Firstly, go to the settings of your android device.
  2. Then turn on the “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Open your browser and click on the link given below for download.
  4. Now click on the downloaded file to install
  5. While opening you may suffer due to updating of an app.
  6. Once more we are sorry for the inconvenience” this option will be on your screen
  7. You just have to cancel

Your smartphone app is ready to use.

Now, you can also watch TV shows of your choice other than movies. An audience should use filters that are available for getting the desired results.

6). SnagFilms

SnagFilms is a free site like Putlocker. One thing that can displease you is that it has a small variety of movies. But movies available are HD quality. A unique feature of this site is that it has built-in media player. You have no need to install any kind of player to watch the movie.


If you want to share what you are watching with your friends on social media. It can be done on this wonderful site. You can share your activity on Facebook.

7). Afdah

Afdah is a very famous site for online streaming of movies and TV shows. It has a wide range of movies and TV shows. You can search by quality, by year. Now it also possible to search for a movie of your favorite actor and director name. You simply have to put the name in the search bar.

8). Hulu

Hulu is best for those users who want extra features of sites like Putlocker. No matter whether they have to pay for it. But it is more secure and compatible with PC and Android devices as compared to other alternatives. And there is no issue of piracy also. Because it has a business deal with many big names of the industry.


Citizens of the USA can only access it. It is not available for international users. You can also read Showbox alternatives.

9). The Series Online

Do have craze of watch seasons?? If yes then The Series Online is best for you. The Series Online is a highly ranked site like Putlocker. This is all because of its heavy features and HD content. As my name of the site it is clear that it will facilitate you in the field of TV serials.


You can have access to this website free of cost.

But if you want to be updated in advance then you can avail subscription of the website. Once you paid for it will provide you latest release of movie or TV show. You will be informed about the new release via notifications.

Now I would personally recommend this website if you have craze to watch seasons. This is only because of its data availability. You can also watch movies on this website as well.

10). RainierLand Movies

One of the leading alternatives to Putlocker. “RainienerLand Movies” allows you to watch movie series for free. This will give you a wonderful experience. After watching a movie via this amazing source you can’t leave without admiring it. Rainierland was a more voted site in 2018 for watching content online. Similar to other sites that are available it has a variety of HD quality content.

You might be wonder:

Because there are ‘no Ads’ while playing your video. One major thing that makes it superior from others is that any kind of registration is not required. On this site, there is a different format for movies & shows. Once you follow your favorite category than for the next time movies of your choice automatically will show to you.

Be careful! 

As you watch by online streaming this allows your ISP to sale information about what you have watched. Ohh! You got worried after listening to that. Relax; no need to worry you can avoid this by using a VPN. Simply have to select a VPN of your choice to solve this issue. And install it on your device.

You might be thinking that!

How to use Putlocker alternatives safely?

You have no need to worry I am going to share the whole procedure that how it possible to secure you from any of the harm from outsiders.

Steps for this are given below:

  • To avoid this while using must use “VPN”.
  • You simply have to download and install
  • After that add your device to VPN server.
  • Once you added then relax.
  • Now, you are completely safe.

FAQ’S about Free Alternatives of Putlocker

Question 1: Is Putlocker legal?

Answer: No, due to the pirated content the European Court has officially declared it illegal.

Question 2: What are the free alternatives of Putlocker to watch TV shows?

Answer: These are:

  • Kanopy
  • Popcorn Flix
  • Yahoo! View
  • Tubi TV

Question 3: Is Putlocker alternatives have issued from malware?

Answer: Official websites of these alternatives are quite safe from any threat. But you have to be careful. To avoid any incontinence you have to use any of the threat check security system.

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Finally, the internet changed the world. If there’s a problem in working of something, hundreds of others are ready to replace it. Similarly as Putlocker stop working so many more alternatives comes in the market. By using these your problem will be solved. Enjoy movies& reality shows whichever you want.

Enjoy your favorite movies& TV shows. Good Bye!