Best Skype alternatives [Working List]

Are you unhappy with skype? This is due to the low-quality calls and other many bugs. As a lot of skype alternatives available. So you may give them a try.


Skype alternatives

Skype is basically a communication app. It offers users video conversation, international calls, group chats. You can also dial a conference call through this amazing app. In the very beginning, the main reason for people to give it preference was its easy use. The businessman uses it to call on a landline. It was looked after by Microsoft that’s why website gains the trust of the people.

The bottom line is:

With the passage of time, many new things evolved in the market. The Internet has changed the whole world into a global village. And you very well know that it’s human nature if he feels bored with one thing. Then he searched for new alternatives that are best than the older one. Therefore keeping in my mind the problems that you had face due to skype I am going to share the best alternative for Skype.

Benefits of Skype

  • Infinite access.
  • Call rate is very low at less than $15/month.
  • Very smart easy to use for the common man.
  • Compatible for both PC& Android devices.
  • Provision of VoIP services at very low cost.

Best Alternative for Skype

1). Google hangouts

Google Hangouts is the best substitute for Skype. Nowadays it is highly demanded by people. In a very short duration, it becomes a very big competitor of Skype. All this is due to its simple and easy use. For example, if you are searching for a person by his email. Once you find it. Now it is very easy to chatting, audio call, and video conference call with that person.

If you want to add a group of people on hangout just put 10 people on the list. Other contacts that are available on the google account will automatically be added to the group. And these contacts will also be managed.


You can say that Hangouts is the best alternative for Skype to call a landline. This facilitation for those who are not using the app. If you have a company of friends in which most of the android users then this stunning is a great choice for you.

Big deal!

If you are a USA citizen then all these features are almost free for you.

Ohhh No!

Sorry! One thing that can hurt you is that official PC version of Hangouts is not working efficiently as has to be.

But Chrome app common hangouts was interesting. Now it has been redirected to Hangouts. You have no need to worry because in the future Google has a plan to make separate parts of these services. And one service will especially be developed for a businessman.

2). Ring Central

Ring Central is the best alternative of Skype for business. This amazing provide cloud-based services. Due to this reason, the expenses of a businessman that he has to spent on the traditional setup of communication (software, hardware, workers, and place) will be saved. He can use it for video chat, a business meeting in the form of a conference call and many more options are available.


If you are using Central Ring then there is no need for your team members to restrict geographically. Because this app is also available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. In this way, the importance of physical presence has been minimized.

Now if you are a businessman then this will be more interesting for you. Because you can have met with your international customers with specials packages. This will also save your expenses of foreign tours for dealing with business parties.

Plus points:

  • Useful for phone system hardware.
  • Favorable for both Android& PC.
  • More advanced set-up of VoIP functions.
  • A system that provides service even your net connection lost.

Negative points:

  • As compare with Skype it is a little bit difficult to operate.
  • By name, no one can understand that what is about the actual site is.


3). Viber

Viber skype facilitates you by providing a platform for free video calls and private messages. Interesting thing is that you can hold up to 40 people on one call.

You might be shocked:

Do you have any idea that how much a user’s Viber has? You will be out of your sense after listening to this. Viber has about 800 million users all over the world which make sure its quality.


One feature that makes it different from others is that it has a collection of games also. Mean if you are feeling bored during a conversation you can have fun by playing games.


It’s really amazing. You know the international call rate of Viber. It charges only 0.001$ per minute. It is also possible to send your important documents, videos, and photos via Viber. And you have no need to worry about the privacy. Viber gives you a very high command security system. There are various public group chats also on the Viber. You are free to join any of your favorite brand group to keep updated.


4). Work place by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is very smart in working. It can be the best skype alternative for windows. Due to its easy use, most of the people attracted towards it.

Plus points

  • It can be managed with any private party application like G Suite & Okta.
  • Helpful in planning projects.
  • Efficiency feature that makes it more special.

Negative points

  • Like skype it does not provide robust video and audio-conference tools.
  • Does not much support to landlines as Skype.
  • Complicated than skype.


5). 8×8 VoIP phone service

8×8 VoIP phone services are one of the top skype alternatives for the business. The interface of the app is attractive for the user. One main thing that makes it superior from others is its pricing flexibility. And its assistance is very quick in response.

Stunning features of this app are:

  • A combination with Android devices.
  • Web conference.
  • You can also manage your calls.
  • Best for transportation, construction, finance, insurance, and health sector businesses.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Call recording.
  • Extension dialing.

Plus points

  • Mature PXB system.
  • Automatic assistant presence feature.
  • Amazing for voicemail.

Negative points

  • Lack of provision of effective planning.
  • An interface is not impressing as of Skype.
  • Not more comfortable with MS office tools.


6). Slack

Slack is one of the best tools for communication that I have ever seen before. It’s very great for the provision of search and archive tools. You can use them from anywhere. Slack is the best skype alternative for gaming. Because it has some wonderful tools that are very helpful for team collaboration. By unitizing these tools you can easily search your files which you have to use in the future.

Here’s the deal:

You can synchronize inbox with your android smartphone. Mean there will be an update notification will be sent to you. If you are an android user then it is an option for you to install this app on your smartphone.

Plus points

  • Separate your conversation on specific project.
  • Save conversation.
  • Save chat related to any project can be seen on any device.
  • Paid version contains the extra feature.

Negative points:

  • Have not strong integration with MS office tools.
  • Lack of security tools for conversation.


7). WhatsApp

In this modern era, everyone is using WhatsApp. Because it is available for Android, IOS, PC Windows, Linux, and MAC devices also. That’s why it has billions of users. When it was developed there were few features like messaging your friends. But as time goes on they are now offering HD video calls also.

Bad news!

But the main drawback of WhatsApp is that you can on call to that person which is already available on the app. you are not able to call a person whose contact number is not saved in your phone memory.

8). ooVoo

ooVoo skype is also one of the highly ranked apps. While video chat through this amazing app you can limit the number of people on the conference chat. If you want a secret conversation with someone then you are free. High-quality audio and video conference calls are the unique features of this app.


Do you want to save your video call? Sometimes it is very important for the user to record the video call. So this app provides you facilitation of recording also. If you want to have fun together by watching a new release movie on YouTube. ooVoo makes it possible for users.

9). Line

Line is an interesting app like Skype to stay connected you with your close friends. A unique feature of Line is that you can use it on a smartphone as well as on PC Windows. Just like many other alternatives of skype it also provides you free video chats, audio calls, group conversations. If you want to enjoy while conversation, there are a lot of animated emoji for you.


If you are a heavy user of Line then it will provide you some extra feature even those are not available on Skype. If you are searching for your favorite celebrity. A line can a good source for this because it promotes accounts of some hall of famous personalities. If you are looking for some unique app then honestly Line is best for you. Give it a try. I am dead sure you are going to enjoy it.

FAQ’S About Free Alternatives of Skype

Question 1: What are the free best alternatives of Skype for HD video calls?

Answer: WhatsApp & ooVoo is best for your concern. One reason is that these are free. A second most important reason is that it is compatible with IOS& Android devices also.

Question 2: Is there any Google Skype available?

Answer 3: Yes, Duo app is the Google version of Skype. This app is recently developed by Google especially for video calling. And the great news is that “DUO” is available for both Android smartphones & iPhones.

Question 4: Is there any similarity between Zoom and Skype?

Answer: Yes definitely is. Zoom has similarity with Skype. This tool works effectively for PC windows. If you want a meeting with your whole company group then Zoom is ready for you. One feature that makes it superior from others is that there’s no need for sharing of contacts for a meeting.

Question 5: How much costly Zoom is?

Answer: If you want to meet with 100 people via zoom then it is free. But you want to host up-to 500 then packages ranging from $34 per month to $259 per month.

Question 6: Is skype enough safe to use?

Answer: Yeah according to skype owner all calls, chats, photos that to send are encrypted. For every user, there is a separate encryption key. So in this way, Skype can be considered secure to use.

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Finally, this was all about the best alternatives for Skype. If you want my recommendation then personally I like Google Hangouts. This is due to its strong integration with other Google products. That’s why it will facilitate you as you are expecting. Further, if you have any problem while using any of the alternative apps. Comment in the section below. This will be a great owner for me to listen from you. Enjoy your company.