Download vShare VIP for Android APK, IOS & PC

Are you a game lover? And looking for some of your favorite games for free but you are unable to find. No need to worry Vshare is the solution of your complication. Vshare will provide any kind of apps and games to its users without any restriction. It will facilitate you for searching those few games that cannot be obtained from other app stores.

vShare VIP
Formerly if you Download Vshare App on your smartphone then you can get free access to the premium version of the game. The main edge of this app is that this will be available for all platforms e.g. for PC, Android, and IOS. The latest version of famous Apps like MoieBox, Playbox. Minecraft and Spotify premium APK can be downloaded from Vshare. Especially this app will give the great potential to its IOS and Android users.

Features of Vshare VIP Pro:


This app due to its effectiveness and user-friendly facilities is one of its own kind. Some important features of Vshare pro are given below:

  • It’s very serviceable for mobile users.
  • As it arranged the salient features according to mobile format.
  • All visitors can see the videos without any hazard.
  • Internet service provider friendly.
  • Video formatting is amazing which cover the codec library; AVI, WMV, DIVX.
  • Supported in all areas like videos, channels, and profiles.
  • Playing videos in any browser is not an issue due to HTML5 playback.
  • Advertisement can be restricted as it runs during playing video.
  • Video channel of your choice can be managed.
  • Due to its search quality, you can search your videos easily.

Vshare YouTube Clone features:

It has something very special for a video sharing circle. Videos uploaded by you will simply be converted into mp4 format and videos can easily be watched as in YOUTUBE.COM.

Salient characteristics of the Vshare YouTube clone areas:

  • Especially for media share users, this proves very helpful.
  • As by using URL client can import video.
  • Videos that are previously watched are displayed in a sidebar.
  • For rating, watching and uploading videos Vshare YouTube is wonderful.
  • By using this one can completely manage by delete, edit member profile.
  • One can send an invitation for sharing videos to his friends.
  • Mostly watched videos can be sorted out.
  • A most important feature is that videos may be uploaded publically or privately.
  • Status of all members can seem weather anyone active or dormant.
  • Videos that are in the category of spam might be deleted with the help of this app feature.
  • You can poll questions for any type of information or for the solution of the problem that you are facing.
  • Possible to send to each individual consumer.
  • Most preferred videos might be highlighted.
  • More attracted videos are displayed.

Download vShare helper for PC, Windows 10/8.1/8.7:

Due to limitations in the installation of apps that are not available on IOS app store, IOS user uses the way to jailbreaking of a device. Before the invention of this stunning APP, this was the only way. As jailbreaking diminish the lifespan of your device and you don’t want that as a rational consumer. So most of the times you are in search of some ways to avoid jailbreak. VShare helper is the solution to your problem. It not only facilitates IOS, Android users but also to PC users.

Vshare helper features:

  • If you lost your data for your IOS device, no need to worry. It can be recovered easily by using this wonderful app.
  • List of a data type that can be recovered by using HELPER is given below:
  1. Contacts
  2. Sms
  3. Notes
  4. Call log
  5. Photos
  6. Videos
  7. iMessage
  8. WhatsApp messages
  9. App videos
  10. App audio
  11. Safari history
  12. App video
  • It acts as Strong-Bridge while transferring data from your IOS device to a computer.
  • Media and other files can be copied to IOS devices.
  • Photos, videos, and songs can directly be the move to the computer.
  • This will help in the synchronization between iTunes and transfer data.
  • By using this any music can be converted into iTunes.
  • Has also video converter facilitation. Any video can be converted into mp4.
  • Finally, 100% secure in use no risk of any difficulty in operation or of another type like hacking.

Download vShare VIP helper for PC:

Searching vshare from authentic source will waste your time you simply click the link below and download easily. Now the installation procedure is very simple.

  1. In a very first step you required to download and install APP emulator NOX PLAYER on your PC.
  2. In the very next step open the NOX PLAYER.
  3. Then open the folder where you have downloaded APK file for the app.
  4. Release that file anywhere on the NOX.
  5. The installation will start.
  6. Finally, the installation process will complete and vshare is ready to use.
  7. Enjoy this and play games of your choice on your PC.

How to transfer data from IOS device to Computer:

Very easy Steps to transfer data are given below:

  1. Firstly, open the downloaded file.
  2. After opening click on the one key installation
  3. In the next step click on the coming screen.
  4. Then click on the TRY IT NOW and you will reach on the vshare helper homepage.
  5. Now connect you have to connect IOS device to your computer.
  6. Once your device be authorized it will automatically identify your device model and version.
  7. After that vshare helper can be used to run vshare app.
  8. Now enjoy vshare apps.
  9. You can transfer data from your IOS device to the computer.

Download latest Vshare VIP for IOS:

As IOS app store avoid installation of some apps and games that may be your favorite. You really want to download them. For that purpose, Vhsare is best.

A simple procedure for downloading and installation is given below:

  • Firstly download IOS
  • Click on the downloaded file installation will automatically start.
  • You will see download box tap on ‘install’
  • Finally, open vshare for vshare apps and enjoy.
  • But before the app go to setting of your smartphone, click on ‘APPS option’ and then choose the ‘trust this app’ option.
  • Your app is ready to use.

Download Vshare APK for Android:

The procedure is given below:

  • You have to download APK file in the first step.
  • Then Install app from ‘unknown sources’.
  • Now install vShare APK on a smartphone.
  • Your Vshare APK is ready for use and for the enjoyment of unlimited apps and games.

If you face any issue in downloading please go to US Browser APK and download UC browser and install after install you click on downloading button you don’t face any issue

FAQ’S about vShare VIP:

As a human, there’s always chances of error and difficulty while operating a device. Keeping in view this stance there is some question that may arouse. To solve your problem questions with answers are given below:

QUESTION 1: How vShare can be fixed?

Answer: If you are facing problem while using vShare then probably your app may be out of date. The solution to this problem is that keep updated your app version to avoid any inconvenience.

Question 2: vShare is legal or not??

Answer: The chances of vShare being legal are very limited. Vshare provides assistance to its users by giving them apps and games that are not available free of cost. So it’s hard for vShare to be legal due to the patent right of that app or game which is being hacked.  It can be considered to 50-60% illegal.

Final Word

A final word about this surprising vShare App is that I have never seen an app like this. As this without any risk and jailbreaking, it provides a lot of happiness to its users by providing them apps and games of their choice. This was all about vShare if you have any problem regarding downloading and installation comment in the section below for further help.