Websites like YTS 2019 | Working & Best Alternatives

Are you missing YTS site due to its shut down? Because you have to watch online movies and TV serials. You have no need to worry dear today we discussed about websites like yts Solution of your all yts Problem.There are many sites like YTS that have high-quality videos to entertain you.

Websites like YTS

Bottom line!

YTS is the official website of YIFY. YTS has got fame over Europe. Its user-friendly features and this site HD quality movies. One thing that makes is superior from others is the availability of high-quality content is x264 encoding. This format facilitates visitors HD files which is a unique factor from other torrents.

Unfortunately, YTS has been shut down due to the piracy issues. Due to which you may be searching for YIFY alternatives. Therefore to solve your tension I am discussing here the list of best websites like YTS that still actually work

Best Websites like YTS for free online streaming

1). Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents (KAT) is a platform that provides a list of torrent files and magnet links for p2p file sharing. Due to it’s stunning featured it got fame all over the world. And it became the most visited torrent ever. KAT has everything from music to movies which is the best part of your enjoyment. Due to having HD quality movies and smooth running it is one of the most desired alternatives of YTS.

2). Cinema Box

Cinema Box is one of the best websites like YTS. It has a huge variety of HD quality documentary recordings. Plus point of this site is that you can also stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports also. Interestingly there is no registration required to get access of the site. You can use it for free without paying a single penny.

3). Stremio

If you are a Linux user then stremio is going to be work effectively for you. Before watching a movie you can check the brief description of those movies. In this way, you can rate the movie by reading the different reviews by the users. One thing you have to do is just download stremio in your PC. It is also compatible with both Android and PC windows.


If you are interested in TV shows and the latest movies. But due to slow internet speed, you are unable to watch them online. And you have only one option of download that video. Then no one can be best for you other than RARBG. Similar to many other torrent websites RARBG is well managed. The user interface is very eye-catching. Before downloading a video you can watch its complete description. One main feature of this site is that you can download a movie in different quality according to your choice because of  the content available on the site range from SD TO 1080p HD.


If you are interested in playing games then I have good news for you. And that is RARBG has games software’s, music and adult video also.

RARBG society is very cooperative. They provide you advance facilitation every time to just make the work easy for you.

5). Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the best websites like YTS for those people who are interested in watching animated movies. But also has diversification of Hollywood movies. This website has content that is enough for your enjoyment.

6). Butter Project

Butter project is trending site like YTS nowadays. You can access free movies stream at any time. And there are no limitations regarding log-in to the website. Butter project is a genuine copy of Popcorn Time. When you look at the interface of this site it’s very hard for you to differentiate whether it is Popcorn Time or butter project. There are no big differences in the quality of data and arrangement of the data in both sites.

7). Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent is an emerging websites site like YTS. In spite of limitation and copyright issue, it is growing day by day very fast. Recently development team of this site has rearranged the homepage of the web to make it more interesting for the users. Latest features of this site are “unique and smooth large button for the special categories due to which movie of your choice can never be missed out.

Although the web design other than homepage is not interesting. It does not mean that you stop its use. Because as the user you only have the concern with the content which is amazing. In the context of quality of movies available on site it will never compromise. It has enough content this can meet your enjoyment requirement.

8). Couch Potato

Potato couch is best for advanced users. One feature that makes it more interesting is that you can download movies, TV programs, and music also. They also have facilitation of subtitles for international users. It is compatible for PC Windows and Linux also.

9). MovieRill

This site can be an alternative to But it is not good enough to attract to more. In spite of this, they are continuously improving the quality of the available content and arrangement of the data. You can use this site for free. And there is no sign-up required to use the site.

10). Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a wonderful websites site like YTS. It is not like other traditional torrent sites who save another file. It works in a different way. Torrentz2 get the assistance from other sites for giving best results to its users. The main reason due to which it does not store any of the torrent files is to avoid the clash with patent right owners.

But unlike many other torrents, it does not feel comfortable. In spite of this, it always satisfies its users by providing the best results.

11). 1337x

1337x is one the most ultra-modern alternative of YTS torrents. It is very helpful for a beginner who have to believe that every file sharing site has the same look. If we talk about its hosting of torrents. Then from 2007 to till now, it hosted hundreds of torrents.

Now I am going to tell you about the domains of 1337x.

  • Main domain:
  • https:/1337×
  • https:/

12). Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is among the 10 best torrent sites over the world. The site has millions of torrents. With the passage of time, the number of users of this site continuously goes on increasing. Truly speaking it is an amazing alternative of YIFY that I have ever seen. By the way, you can imagine its provision of facilitation by its number of visitors.

13). TorLock

TorLock is not as popular as other YTS alternatives. Regardless of this website has a huge diversification of data. That I think so it is enough for your entertainment. They have content ranging from movies to TV series. Surprisingly they have a collection of eBooks if you are interested in reading books in your spare time. If you want updates about the latest movies and many other features then it is necessary to subscribe on the website.

A unique feature of this torrent alternative is that it provides you facilitation of its own “VPN” to avoid you from any hacking. You can also use an ad blocker to avoid all advertisement during the play. If we talk about the user interface of the site then it will not be wrong to say that it is eye-catching. While using if something went wrong, you are free to give suggestions.

You might be shocked:

There are over 40 million verified torrents on the site. And many torrents are being added on the daily basis. That’s why they got fame all over the world in a very short duration of time.

What are the YTS Proxy sites?

There are many but some of them we discussed below.


If you are looking for a genuine copy of the Kickass then is best for you. It is one of the top rated and best websites like YTS 2019. By appearance and interface, it looks just like Kickass. In the very first look, you can’t differentiate between real kickass and Some people believe that it is the official website of kickass. But officials of the katcr not yet announce about it whether is official or not.

Moreover, you can search for movies, music and TV serials from this site. I am dead sure that you are going to enjoy the quality content of this site. They also provide you paid VPN services to make your use more private. If someone says that it is the real image of the kickass then this will not be wrong.

Method to download YIFY to AG on a smartphone?

Simple Steps are given below:

  • Download torrent app from the Google Play store.
  • Now install the downloaded file.
  • Then in the very open the torrent even before downloading torrent.
  • Go to settings.
  • Search “bandwidth” Category.
  • Choose the location from where to download.
  • You are ready to download whichever torrent you want to download.

Be Careful!

YTS sites are not safe to use. Because they provide pirated data. Due to patent right issue, you may be in trouble while using any of the torrent sites.

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FAQ’S ABOUT Webites like watching free Movies and TV shows

Question 1: Is YIFY returns?

Answer: A company has got the rights of YIFY. But they have no concern with the original YIFY group. And their torrent is not efficiently working for most the big sites.

Question 2: Is YIFY permanently shut down?

Answer: Yes, YIFY is a very famous torrent group. Unfortunately, its official website YTS has been closed permanently. And for the next time, you will not be able to find any on YIFY release movie on torrent site.

Question 3: Is YTS legal?

Answer: If you are going to download pirated data then definitely it will be illegal. But they can be legal if content available on the site is not pirated. If there’s only pirated data then they are illegal without any doubt.

Question 4: Is there any official site of YIFY?

Answer: Yeah, YTS is the official website of YIFY but unfortunately it has been shut down by the legal authorities.

Question 5: Is this legal to download a movie from a torrent?

Answer: True story is that is you are downloading a movie that has copyright then it is quite illegal. But on a torrent the available movies have already piracy issues. So I think so there’s no problem regarding legality.

Question 6:  Is this safe to use YTS Sites?

Answer: No, YTS sites are not safe to use.

Question 7: Why YTS sites are not safe to use?

Answer: YTS sites are not safe to use because these sites contain pirated content (Movies and TV SHOWS). Your ISP (internet service provider) may leak your activity information. And due to patent right issues, the owner has the authority to catch you legally in the court. In that case, you may have to pay a heavy fine for your relaxation.

Question 8: How to use safely YTS sites?

Answer: If you want to use YTS sites safely it’s very simple. While using you just have to use a VPN. And this VPN may be any one of your choices.

Question 9: Is VPN enough to safe torrent sites?

Answer: Yeah, definitely it is. Because it’s the main task is to hide your identity. And it simply has done this by hiding your PC IP.

Question 10: Which VPN is best for torrent sites?

Answer: “KODI” is the best VPN in my opinion for torrent sites.

Question 11: Is it secure to download from YTS?

Answer: It can be safe or not totally depends upon your use. As if you are using VPN then there will be no issue.

Question 12: Is there any Proxy Site available for YTS?

Answer: Yeah, there are many YTS proxy sites available in the market.


Finally, I can imagine how important YTS for you. If you are a movie lover then it is almost impossible for you to live without YIFY. That’s why I provide whole detail about sites like. Give a try to anyone of them. I assure you that you are going to really enjoy it. Further, if you face any problem while downloading or watching movie comment in the section below. This will be an owner for me to listen from you.


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